Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Badger's Log - Bloodcrushers


Quick one from me again this morning, just to post my progress with goings on. Myself and Sanguinius are going to a doubles tournament in November and decided to take Daemons. So I'm having to upgrade my old count-as Bloodcrushers to the actual models now they're plastic.

I ordered and assembled them a while ago, but I only got round to painting them last week after I got some new paints.

I gave the Juggernauts black armour rather than red to give a bit of diversity with the model, rather than a big mass of red broken up by boltgun metal.

So far I've got 3, 1 of which has an Instrument, but I'm looking to add another set to make a bigger unit which can absorb  more fire.


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