Monday, 9 July 2012

Forgeworld coming to a 40K table near you

Hi all,

Angryman here.  As some of you may have already read it appears that forgeworld releases will be FAQ'ed to be able to play in a standard 40K game.

forgeworld codexes

Forgeworld in 40K

Forgeworld Flyers

These seem like clever marketing ploys, plus a very good way of increasing sales - everyone wants a forgeworld unit in their fav 40K army!!!!

So what does everyone think, is this a good idea or a bad one? will this further level the playing field for all armies or just another way to rip people off?

All comments welcome


  1. Hi Ste,

    After reading your interesting post i thought i would add my opinion as a tournament organizer.

    I personally really like forge world models and own a few of them myself. As a TO i tend to back away from forge world for 2 reasons:

    1) The old classic of some of the rules are broken or the models are too cheap (points wise) for what you get. I know that there are other extremes where you can over overpay but the balance tends to lean to underpaying. The best example is the new landraider variant which is just 45 points more than a normal landraider for quad auto cannons an extra hull point and a transport capacity increase to 25 models.

    2) A lot of people simply don't have access to all of the books. I am lucky enough to own a few of the forge world books (mainly because i like the background)however not everybody has access to the books. This means that they are coming up against something that is totally alien to them and they may not have a clue how it works or how to deal with it. Which in a lot of cases will lead to a less enjoyable game all round. The rule books are expensive too for what you get unless you are interested in the background they provide which a lot of people aren't.

    I think that GW have gone down this route as they have seen a large increase in FW sales over the last couple of years without any effort needed on there part, they have decided to try and increase this area of the business further and the easiest way to do this is to try and increase there customer base to everyday gamers instead of just forge world model fans.

    I dont think you will see many tournaments allowing the rules for a while until people are more settled and more than likely with a few restrictions. For the warlords they will not be allowed in every tournament we run however they will be allowed in our 40k doubles event next year (as a trial) and then they may make there way into our other tournaments soon after that if all goes well.

  2. I think they will be allowing things from the "imperial armour: apocalypse" which are "40k approved". Maybe they will start doing some 40k legal codex's with just smaller models/units (much like Vol:9+10). I personally would really enjoy being able to use Forge World models and rules like, the old Daemonhunter Redeemer (which was awesome) or maybe a Chaplain Dreadnought, or the Lucius Drop Pod. I think Titans and super heavies would be too much though.

  3. I'd personally shy away from having Forge World stuff in campaign weekends, tournaments or meet up events.

    I think any that allow stuff from Forge World should explicitly be that, a Forge World allowing tournament. To chuck them into normal 40k play will upset the balance more, rather than even come close to balancing it. There's a few examples of stuff that's undercosted, and a few that are overcosted too. Like Stu said, there's that Land Raider variant as one, and a few guard tanks if I remember rightly.

    Personally, after the tournaments I've been to in the past, chucking Forge World rules in the mix just causes more grief. It's hard enough as it is for a lot of people just playing armies they don't play regularly / haven't played before. It's a lot easier for people to read up on how Codex: Eldar work, rather than an Eldar Corsairs Forge World list.

    It'd end up being a "who can afford the biggest toys" competition at most local tournaments.

    However, I do LOVE some of the Forge World models. 3 of my favourite units are from Forge World - Eldar Shadow Spectres, Wraithseer and Hornets. I'd love to see them on gaming tables and use them in my fledling Eldar force. However, I'm happy for them to be a "if I ask in advance" or Apocalypse usage.

    I just think throwing it into normal 40k play would be a wrong move. Like I say, happy for it in certain events or "ask in advance" friendly play, but the mentality of 40k tourneys is wrong for Forge World stuff.

    In summary, if a tournament said it'd allow Forge World stuff, I'd just dismiss it and look elsewhere. Negative? Maybe. But I'd rather enjoy some Codex v Codex gaming, than some bloke dropping down a £400 Thunderhawk, a FW special character, some variants of Land Raiders I've never heard of and a load of FW PDF upgrades to Tac squads.

    Negative of me to think that? Maybe... but meh, that's my opinion.

  4. you do raise some good points, it could become a 'i have the biggest toy' competition. for purposes of owning and using them i think it would be good as you get to use them in games of 40K and it not be a special event or an apocolypse game etc but i think you should let your opponent know so they will be expecting it

  5. I think they would limit it to like I said 40k approved. Things like thunder hawks or other vehicles with structure points (or gargantuan creatures) wouldn't be allowed in a normal game. I can also understand them not allowing full FW lists, like the Elysians. I think the new Land Raider is also a Super heavy. Most of the 40k approved is more Overpriced rather than underpriced. 65pts for a drop pod that only a dread can take but can assault out of (an they take an auto glancing hit)