Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Your armies and the reasons behind them

Hi all,

Angryman here with a question. What armies do you own and what made you collect them?

I have a large amount of space marines, mainly because I think every 40K player should have a marine army. Ive finally settled on collecting the Black Templars as I enjoy the link to the Knights Templars of old. I've just started building a Salamanders army, mainly because of the fluff surrounding them. They suffered great loss in the heresy but survived and re-built themselves into the chapter we know them as now, forged by fire and defenders of down trodden masses.

I own a Tau army, I started them because no-one else at our club had them and I fancied collected a xeno army.

I then started a Chaos Space Marine force. I did this because they are the baddie space marines and that just appeals to my dark side.

Then I started on my favorite 40K army, the Tyranids. I love these guys because I love the Aliens films (well who doesn't?).

To finish off I'm currently collecting Eldar, I like the idea of this how this army works, everything in tandem, supporting each other, almost like playing chess.

so what do you guys collect and why?


  1. I collect nearly everything lol. But I choose my first army, Blood Angels, because I love their fluff & they walk the fine line verging on chaos in the eyes of the imperium. Plus I loved it they were one of the forgotten chapters and not many people collected them --- of course thats all changed now :-(

    I also have a large Ork horde mainly because I like the fluff on all the special characters.

    Large chaos daemon army as well, mainly started because my youngest lad started them & I wanted to learn the rules for him. Decided to use them in our club tournament, so bought loads more stuff. Have enough to make any pure chaos gods lists but have specialised in Slaanesh as I like Fulgrim & the Emperors Children --- which I have a whole army to put together that is in boxes under my spare bed thanks to too many different army projects. Currently stormraven gunship.

    Have just started to use eldar as well lol. Mainly because they have really good fluff.

    Main thing for me is fluff and the variety the army has to offer. :-)

  2. I chose the Imperial Guard as my first army as I have a need to Defend Humanity in any game that I play... at least at first. I also like the idea of a bunch of simple, mostly unaugmented humans armed with basically nought but their wits and courage standing up to the terrors of a galaxy gone mad. We don't need no stinkin' ceramite armor or genetic alteration- we have bravery, faith, and the biggest pair of cojones this side of the galactic divide. We die standing, dammit.

    The fact that they were also the newest codex to come out also helped, as I wanted my first investment to have a bit of staying power and have quite a few more years before it became obsolete again. Guess I chose right!

  3. I've always fancied the Chaos Space Marines as they're the exact opposite of what I am in real life and happen to appease my rebel with out a cause mentality. I'm a Marine in life, a down to earth honest and good guy, but I really like the concept of living free of law and order, doing what I want because I want. Thats the appeal of the Chaos Space Marines.
    Although until recently I was more of a rebel chapter type, not really for the whole worship of daemons and such as thats just as bad as servitude to the imperium, the Blood Angels codex sold me on the Khorne Berserkers. They're awesome.

  4. First army was Imperial Guard, because I found them the easy way to get into 40k that I can relate to. Lowly Humans relying on keeping the alien terrors at bay through weight of fire. I also got drawn to them through the Camouflage paint schemes in White Dwarf and the fact they had just released plastic Cadians, which at the time were the most awesome minis I'd seen. It wasn't so much the Tanks and Vehicles that interested me, but the character behind the humble Infantry.

    Second army was Necrons, which at the time, I was in College and after doing an incredibly bad job putting together an ineffective Guard Army, I wanted a small force I could paint quickly and was relatively cheap money wise. I'd not played or seen a Necron army on the table and to be honest, thought the Nightbringer was awesome and wanted an excuse to use him. I think I managed to get the first 1,000pt army painted in a weekend which was cool.

    Third army was Chaos Space marines as I wanted something that relied more on bashing stuff in Close Combat rather than the Guard, and something which a bit more Customisation than the Necrons. Which led me to a Khorne / Black Legion army.

    Then came the Orks, who are now my Go-To army as everything is painted and I've got plenty of variation. The original cause for the army was to go for a 100% all plastic army which was heavily converted, basically removing any models I didn't like - at the time, Meganobz, Trukks etc. Then I almost gave up on them after buying a box of 10 and the Codex and taking 2 weeks to paint them in a Goff colour scheme. Then AOBR came out, I found a quick paint scheme and Waaaagh! Nobrot! was born.

    Lastly, the only other army I own at the time is Chaos Daemons, as again, I wanted a Cheap and All Plastic army with a fair bit and wanted to go with a Monstrous Creature heavy list that wasn't Tyranids. I wanted a reeeeeally scary Close Combat army that was Elite Heavy.

    And in the future... Brotherhood of the Forge!

  5. Well, my first ever army was the Grey Knights, I mean, space marines are all good and well, but these guys are super-super enhanced men. The rules were what brought me to these guys really. As I was only a little 16yr old I didnt understand the finer concepts of the game, and always got beaten (and still do) and I got Badger to paint them for me, very well I might add.

    Second came the Eldar, these guys were because I wanted a fast army that hit hard, and my current army incorporates, Scorpions, Shining Spears, Vypers and Wraithlords, and it works well together, this was the first army I painted myself, not very well, but you can see the improvement in the later models.

    then I bought a guard army, which was insipred by the Tanith 1st, this didnt last long and was quickly swapped shortly after the new codex came out and Commissar Gaunt got removed, but not before getting a love for the Col. Straken rules, hence the name!

    this led me to my Chaos army, which was going to be a Tzeentch army as I love the idea of the Great Schemer, but it was innefective, I may go back to this in a few months. However I traded my guardsmen for a large number of Khorne Bezerkers, which seeing as I found Kharn highly amuzing was brilliant, and I used these in our last in house league, coming last!

    lastly is an army I have wanted since the last codex, but the rumours of a new one coming out made me leave them, and then other projects took the fore until recently, what led me to this army is the rules for Long Fangs and Wolf Scouts. I love scouts in any force and always use at least one squad, and the Wolf scouts are the best of the best, whereas Long Fangs can shoot at two targets, which makes alot more sense for a heavy weapons unit. I have recently been reading the Space Wolf Omnibus' and this has got me into their fluff completely.