Thursday, 6 May 2010

[Paintlog] Imperial Guard Command Squad and Chimeras

Morning all,

For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to force myself to get my 2,000pt Imperial Guard list painted up, ready to gaming. But one thing leads to another, tiredness kicks in and it becomes a struggle to paint.

This is my Command Squad I've dragged together, built from the plastic Cadian command squad with some extras.

Command Squad:
- Col. Straken
- Regimental Standard
- Melta Gun
- Medic
- Vox Operator
- 2 Bodyguards

First in the middle is my Col. Straken count-as. He was originally a power fist armoured officer fighting Necrons on their home planet when he was almost killed and Necron stasis-held parts were used to repair him. There's more of a backstory here... but I might save it for a fluff writeup.

The two guys on the far left and far right are the Colonel's Bodyguards. They're made from Valkyrie gunners with Cadian heads and arms. I made them have Chainswords and "free" hands, so they're recognisable as Bodyguards.

The guy with the banner in this list, is the Regimental Standard bearer, but he's also my home-planet's countas Jarran Kell. He's a Valkyrie gunner with Power Sword, Standard and the bald Veteran head from the Command Squad.

The Medic, Melta Gun and Vox are all standard Guardsmen. I like the idea of the Medic even though some people will claim he's a waste of points in a Guard army and the Melta gun is there to back Straken up with a bit of ranged Anti-Tank / Terminator firepower.

This is my count-as Guardsman Marbo. Rather than have some Rambo-esque Jungle Warrior, I wanted more of a Solid Snake approach fitting an Urban environment. Hence the Valkyrie pilot's Visor head was chosen, with the Sniper body from the Guard command squad. I finished it off with a Demolition Charge from my Ork Bitz.

I think I'm going to re-paint his helmet Black to match the rest of the armour and also make more sense Stealth wise.

These are my 2 Chimeras which I painted on Saturday evening, the one with the closed Turret is for the Command Squad with dual Heavy Flamers and the other is a taxi for a Veteran Squad.

So yeah, took me a while with everything that's going on in life and I'm not impressed with the paintscheme now on these models in the pictures but oh well... Gives me more direction for painting my next army, whereas these guys are a "Get them painted and onto the table" force.

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