Monday, 10 May 2010

[Paintlog] Imperial Guard Valkyries

Hey all,

Another productive weekend on my behalf. Starting one evening this week I made a start on painting my 3 Valkyries I bought for my Imperial Guard army at Christmas. These guys are a nightmare to try and store away and I think they're also the biggest things I've painted in terms of overall area.

They're painted much in the same way as the rest of my Guard vehicles - Adeptus Battlegrey basecoat with a Fortress Grey overbrush layer.

I tried to stick with only a few instances of different colours to try and emphasise certain things - such as the Red warning lights dotted around and the tips of the missiles.

I also found I had problems with the bases of the models. Like the sand I put on just didn't seem to want to stick when it came to covering it in Chaos Black paint, which has resulted in some patchy looking bases. I tried to fill most of it up with Static grass but still...

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. As with the rest of my guard vehicles, I got them painted surprisingly quickly but these guys took a lot more effort. I also found to major annoyance that the Cockpits didn't fit properly after I'd gone to stick them on after painting, so they're a bit lopsided.

Next project is to paint up my converted Lord Commisar to accompany my Ogryn unit :)



  1. It's a simple scheme but it's very effective. They look great mate, I'm envious!

  2. They look even better on the table. Played against them last night and they are very well painted, the simpleness is very effective and fits in well with the rest of the army.