Tuesday, 11 May 2010

[Important] GW Price Increases

Over the past few months I've tried to avoid posting "News" style articles and focusing more on hobby / discussion. However, this is the fastest way to bring all this to attention.

In short, GW are raising prices of stuff around 10 - 15%, most notably Army Books and Codexes along with Tanks and Vehicles - which is sneaky since Spearhead is just on the horizon.

You can check it all out here: GW Price Increases @ Dark Sphere

Understandably people will be annoyed by this, but chill out before posting a comment. The most annoying thing to me personally is the Army Book / Codex price increase, as these are a necessity to play the game and I can see this leading to a rise in people using Scribd and Torrenting the Codexes illegaly.



  1. Shhh... Don't tell GW where we can get them for free!

    Vehicle price hike is annoying, especially with Spearhead on the way! might have to get those Razorbacks and Preds soon to avoid the inflation.

    This is to be expected though, everywhere has inflation its how the economy works, I think the worse part of it is that its on the Codexes, but I guess with that being where most people spend their money thats where they will make the most profit.

    If it keeps GW running and helps it not shut down, I'm not too bothered, I would rather pay an extra 10-15% every year and keep the hobby alive than have dirt cheap prices for one year and then not have a hobby any more.

  2. The price rises are disgusting, its an exspensive hobby in the first place but to put up prices AGAIN is taking the piss. I understand that its a business and they have shareholders blah blah blah but this hobby is first and foremost aimed at kids. Its the parents who have to foot the bill and as we're only just apparently coming out of a resession its a bit rich to put up prices. I would'nt be as bothered if they had sales or had some discount stuff OR they still allowed most ebay sellers to trade GW stuff. As they have basically gotten rid of the cheaper ways to get GW stuff (remember they still make money as traders still have to buy off them first) and 'forced' more people to buy from them directly AND are now increasing the prices they charge it just makes me think they no longer care about the people at the heart of this hobby - you, me, everybody!!!!! Add to this the new format the codexes are now produced - more emphasis on troops, NEWER units, newer £12 a piece single model HQ's or units WITHOUT models so you can convert and make your own (how nice of them), all this means is you are buying more and more things off them to convert your new models (I bet the guy who thought up that little marketing scheme is sat on a beach spending his nice fat bonus on cheap cocktails and women).

  3. What bothers me is we are paying high amounts for pieces of plastic. I love the game but at some point the price for something mass produced for mere pennies is ridiculous. Love GW and their game, but give us a break.

  4. i agree entirely, it will reach a point where they price people out of the hobby and the firm goes under

  5. Funny thing is, I had written up a Dark Eldar list to get that would have cost £213 that intended to buy over the next 6 months or so...
    This price rise has made me feel ill. Now I think i'll spend my £213 on better things, Screw buying anymore GW products