Wednesday, 5 May 2010

[Necrons] Converting Plastic Tomb Spyders

Hey all,

I was originally going to go through some of my new Imperial Guard stuff today, but I forgot to take the pictures last night - D'oh!

So instead, looking through what I do have pictures for, I thought I would show off my converted Necron Tomb Spyders, talk a bit about them and see what people think.

These guys were made around 2 or 3 years ago, in the run up to a tournament, when I was hoping to try out other Necron units in the codex that I didn't have access to. However, as with most hobby moments for me, money was low and rather than pay £24 for 2 Tomb Spyders, I'd have a go at converting some much easier to assemble, paint and maintain from destruction Plastic Tomb Spyders.

The first and most important thing to get across really, was to signify these are Tomb Spyders, as opposed to some new form of Destroyer construct. I tried to reinforce this by putting some Scarabs on the bases, following the Tomb Spyder like some weird mechanical lost puppies. It also adds a bit more bulk to the model, rather than having an empty base like the Destroyers.

I wanted the Tomb Spyders to feel less like mechanical Beetles and more like a kind of Necron medic destroyer. So I used the Torso of the Destroyer, with a standard Necron Warrior head, to ensure they're visually different to the Destroyers.

The bodies and head were to remain like Necron Warriors / Destroyers to reinforce this link that they're Necron surgeons or repair-crons, rather than the usual Tomb Spyders.

One of the reasons Necron players have for taking Tomb Spyders is that they also count as Monstrous Creatures and can pack a punch in close combat. I made the Claw to try and look like a giant pincer, using the Scythe blades from some Warhammer Fantasy Zombies I had in my Bitz box.

I cut the blade where it joined the staff, and glued these onto a Necron Warrior non-Gun arm, at the wrist. That way, they've got what is effectively a power klaw, to count towards their monstrous creature status.

Normally people don't take the Particle Projector option for the Tomb Spyders because of their dodgy Ballistic Skill, however, I modelled mine so that I can take them as an option, by using a trimmed down Warrior Gauss Gun.

This fashioned some kind of Gauss Pistol weapon that was different enough looking from the other Necron guns to be able to represent the Particle Projector - albeit the fact it's a 3 shot weapon.

This is an overall shot of the 2 Spyders I made, costing me a total of £12 for both models, thanks to a very good deal from eBay at the time.

As usual - comments, critiscism and cakes are welcome.


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