Wednesday, 20 January 2010

[Warlord] Warlord 2010 Begins!

To those who are unaware, Warlord 40,000 is an annual league run over the space of 6 or 7 games between the 40k players of MAWS competing for the Warlord trophy.

It's now in it's third year and it's 2nd with 40k 5th Edition, which is troublesome when it comes to creating a ruleset of 6 or 7 different scenarios as there's only 3 in the rulebook.

So this year it's been tweaked and updated and you can find an online version of the rulespack here: which can be downloaded and printed.

The link above is for players taking part in the tournament, but if you guys aren't MAWS players, then feel free to let us know what you think about the rules pack.

For those of us that are taking part, there's links on the top left of the document to download the file in a variety of different formats and print if off either from the online document, or through it's respective program.

To all those involved, enjoy!


P.S. If you spot any mistakes or problems, please email me.


  1. looking forward to taking part, just have to decide what to take