Tuesday, 19 January 2010

[Tyranids] New Nids - First Impressions

Well i played my first game with my new nids against James' Slannesh Daemon army. my list comprised of

tyrant with 3 guard
3 warriors with death spitters
3 units of 14 termigaunts
1 unit of 25 homagaunts
1 trygon prime
1 mawloc
1 tervigon
1 unit of 2 carnifexes with devourers
3 zonathropes

I thought it was a good first list, it would have been a good list if i'd have remembered half the new rules and to charge with units.

lessons learnt from the new list and my first game with them.

1, EVERYTHING tests for synapse (even if fearless)
2, never charge with a mawloc
3, start with the trygon on the board
4, READ READ and RE-READ the rules for the new nids and dont confuse them with the old codex
5, don't over upgrade everything, you are going to need the extra points
6, a minimum of 2 tervigons should be taken
7, use your army as a cohesive force
8, decide how you want your army to function when deciding on your list (obvious i know but something to keep at the front of your mind)
9, keep your tervigons close to your gaunts and give them support
10, never play James' tooled up slannesh daemons


  1. I completely agree with point number 10, and I feel this is the same with Jamies tooled up Khorne Daemons.

  2. I agree with everything except point 10 :-) The daemonette squads were basic & didn't have instruments, icons (in fact i had no icons) or transfixing gaze, the 2 fiend squads or seekers didn't have didn't have the 1 unholy might upgrade & the 3 heralds on chariots & 3 deamon princes could have had loads more upgrades. Just happens everything has rending or a power weapon lol