Tuesday, 19 January 2010

[Daemons] Mono-Khorne Daemons Game 3

Hey all,

Last night my Khorne daemons took to the table against Rob and, unluckily for me, he'd been itching to bring his Daemonhunters out of retirement and even more so, use them against the army they were designed for.

So, after my last ramblings, right before the game I was in two minds whether to drop the Flesh Hound unit in favour of wings on the Daemon Prince. I was all up for giving the Khorne puppies an attempt at redemption, but I thought I'd keep them in the box and tack the wings on the Daemon Princes.

Rob's list was something along the lines of:

Grandmaster - Lots of Anti Daemon stuff, Terminator Armour
4 or 5 GK Terminators
Land Raider Crusader with them in

Inquisitor in Terminator armour

2 Squads of 10 Grey Knights
2 Rhinos

1 Squad of 10 Inq Storm Troopers
1 Rhino

2 Grey Knight Drednaughts.

I ended up going first, which immediately put me at a Disadvantage, meaning I'd have to weather an extra turn of nasty anti-Daemon fire. Kill points is a good mission for my army, only having 2 scoring units, and deployment makes no difference for me. Rob castled his Rhinos with the rear armour against buildings, to avoid a Deathstrike opening them up on the turn I drop.

Chaos favoured me and gave me my first wave of:
2 of the Daemon Princes
1 Bloodcrusher Unit
1 Bloodletter unit.

I chose to drop the 2 Daemon princes close to Rhinos and try and open them up via side armour, but risk the entire GK army opening fire on them. The Bloodcrushers tried to land inbetween buildings to get a bit of cover out of the way of enemy fire, along with the Bloodletters on an opposite flank.

A lot happened during the game, but the main points, mistakes and lessons learnt were:
- Giving Daemon Princes wings, means I don't need to drop them right in front of the enemy. I can hide out of the firing line for a turn, then hop over something and attack. More importantly, don't forget you've given them Wings!!!

- Beasts gain fleet of foot as a standard rule, along with their 12" charge range. This makes Flesh Hounds a bit more interesting to me, with a potential 24" charge range is all comes off well. Maybe they'll take part next game. I'd forgotten about this being the case... D'oh!

- Think 1 turn ahead with the Daemons. It's all well and good hoping for a Hit on the scatter roll so I can deathstrike a Rhino, but if it doesn't come off, or even if it does, you're stuck in the open being able to do nothing for a turn, then get retaliation fire next turn.

Overall, I think I did pretty well fighting a completely anti-Daemon army, I ended up losing by 5 kill points, but with a couple of mistakes rectified I probably could have saved myself a few KPs or took a few other GKs down.

Next week I'm not sure whether to keep the wings on the Daemon Princes and remember to use them, or drop the Flesh Hounds back in.

Peace out,


  1. After not using my Daemonhunters for so long it was good to take them off the shelf. The list I used (with a little more detail) was:

    Grand Master
    Grimour of true names, Sacred Insence and Destroy Daemon (re-roll hits or wounds)

    with 4 Termies, 1 armed with an incinerator

    Also with them was the Inquisitor
    Termi armour, storm bolter, Anointed weapon (always wound on a 4+) with Destroy Daemon, Scourging, Word of the Emperor, and Sanctuary (I only used the first two), he also had the emperors Tarot and Consecrated Scrolls.
    These all rode in a Land Raider Crusader with Psycannon bolts (which got negated by the 3+ save) and Sacred Hull

    The Troops were

    10 GK with 2 Psycannons in a Rhino

    10 GK with 2 incinerators in a Rhino

    10 Storm Troopers with 2 Meltas in a Rhino

    all backed up by 2 Dreadnoughts with Heavy Bolters, Sacred Hull and Psycannon Bolts.

    Basically, everything anti-Daemon that i could find and buy, and probably most of it was useless, but oh well, I enjoyed taking them out of Retirement for a day. They may come out again in the future.

  2. Grey Knights ...... why u got to keep persecuting us !!!!!! Were just tryin to make a livin like everthin else !!!!

  3. Its their job, and its the only job they can do, they can't purge anything else. They struggled to purge the Daemon, and you can come back in a thousand and one days for another fight. The fallen brothers will be forever remembered, but only by the surviving Stormtroopers and Grand Master, oh and the Justicar in the church.

  4. why did he not wanna walk ...... lazy git !!!!!

  5. good report, its good to see the daemons get beat (damn daemons). I cant wait until the GK get the new codex (if the rumours are to be believed).

  6. Neither can I, an assault cannon with only 3 shots that isn't twin-linked just didn't feel right, but it did it's job, so guess I can't complain.

  7. Will try and post more of these reports as I go along. But was good to play a semi-themed Game against the Daemon Hunters, especially since they're only rarely brought out of hibernation nowadays.

    I agree massively they need to be brought in line with the Marine codex.

    I'd say maybe you'd get away with an FAQ that says this weapon refer to the Marine codex, + 10 points price increase (as an example) etc. etc.

  8. It already costs more than the marine dex one, dont put the price up more, crusader is 255 points, dreadnought is 80 plus 30 for the Assault cannon, so thats 110, 5 points dearer.

  9. It was Daemonhunters against Daemons, it would be either through tremendous bad luck, extreamly bad planning and terrible tactics if I lost that game, though it was quite close, mainly because I spent about 200pts on upgrades that became useless because he had a 3+ armour save aswell as his invulnerable.