Monday, 5 September 2011

Road to Warrington Pt:3

As promised here are a few more pictures of my "finished" models. I have now got around half of the army painted up and am hoping to take a few more pictures tonight to showcase the army/models and to go with my battle report.
First up are my mass armour, there are two Vindicator's, three Rhino's and a Dreadnought all sat ready to cause pain. I have painted two of the Rhino's and both Vindicator's over the weekend, though they are still awaiting the Lightning Detailing, and a bit of weathering (I got some weathering powder from Forge World with the third Rhino's doors). The third Rhino isn't painted because I didn't get the doors until Sunday, but that will be high on my list of what's left to do!

Here is a close up of my burning skulls on one of my Vindicator's, I thought it would be a good "fear" causer to see your fellows thrown onto a blazing fire on the back of a big gun. It also gave me a reason to have a go at painting fire (which didn't work out too well). Instead of working up to the tips I worked down to the fire, but a quick wash of Baal Red blended the paints together and gave it a passable look.

My tin of 46 guys, not really a good transport system, but it works, and they are so crammed in they barely move! I have 18 painted Night Lords, with 12 men undercoated and ready. My main problem is that I don't get my remaining 10 Night Lord Heads and Shoulder Pads, until Friday, which means, that some men are currently only half built!!! I am planning on just painting them up and then painting the heads and shoulder pads separately and gluing them on last minute (on the day if need be)

Nothing has been based yet as that is my last thing to do, the week running up to the tournament. I hope to get 10 men based a day, easy to do I hope!

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