Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back in Business

Morning folks,

It's been a while since I've posted around these parts. Work has been absolutely hectic for the last 2 months. I've not managed a game in a long time and I've not even been bothering with building or painting whilst at home - most nights I'll just walk in the door and go straight to bed.

This is my hobby life at the moment... I am sad Keanu.

Anyway, today is my first day of freedom. So I figured I'd start off with a blog, since I've got the time to, and discuss what I'm going to do now I've been released from Deadline Prison.

1. Play some games.
Most important thing on the menu, actually get back to playing. I've had 1, maybe 2 games over the last 2 and a half months and even those, I wasn't really in the frame of mind to enjoy them properly. I either showed up late, absolutely shattered from work or left early to try and get some sleep.

I'm going to go on a gaming bender over the next few weeks, trying out plenty of neglected armies, different builds, etc. Especially now I've got time to make some lists and think about them, rather than grab one of my "Here's one I made earlier" 1500 lists.

2. Get my Deathwing painted.
These guys have been sat waiting for ages now. I managed to get Belial finished off at the start of August and since then I've done absolutely nothing with them, except to stick some sand on the bases. Part of the problem has been that I've not done a check on what paints I need, not had time to undercoat, etc. etc.

That'll all change over the next few weeks. I'm hoping that since there's only 30 models or so, I can get them all painted up in 1 batch, meaning the army is good to go. I can then get the Tac Marine support, Dreds, Pods and bikers done afterwards to give me a bit of variety and balance.

3. Get the Sisters army list.
I don't care what whinging has been going on via the internet, about the WD Sisters codex. It's different, yeah, but it's still a new army and it'll just take some time to get the hang of. I understand it's about the models as well

The army list coming out in the next few days has kickstarted a Brotherhood of the Forge buying spree from me, I've got plans for a few new units to add to the list.
- 2 more Sisters squads
- 1 squad of Seraphim
- 1 Squad of Crusaders
- Celestian Command Squad with conversions of Dialogus and Hospitalier

It's the crusaders I'm most excited about really though. In the last codex, I wanted a unit of Crusader Henchmen, in a Land Raider and charge across the board to beat people in the face. Then I read the 3 henchmen restriction. By the sounds of it, that's gone now for Battle Conclaves - so we'll see.

I've already decided I'll turn my old Inquisitor with the Force Weapon / Steam Drill into Uriah Jacobus by giving him a standard (plenty of spare Dwarf banners) and I've got bitz on order to convert a Forger equivalent of Saint Celestine.

4. Buy / Make some Terrain
I've been picking up bits of terrain off eBay, but I've realised there's only so many trees and hills I need. So I'd like to make a start on building some ruins and buildings on the cheap. I've got plans for cardboard and plaster filler and goin crazy, but we'll see how that gets on.

I've also got a box of terrain that needs repairing properly and varnishing. Lots of bits have fallen off, paint scratched off, etc.

So yeah... that's the plans for my freedom over the next few weeks. I've got lots of stuff to catch up on with family and generally just unwind.


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