Monday, 19 September 2011

Road to Warrington - The way home!

So I did promise a couple of battle reports, but the games were so close I forgot to take any pictures. Now that the Northern Warlords GT is over, I thought I would go through what happened for me, and what I ended up thinking about the tournament.

To begin with I got everything painted to the minimum three colours and based, all that I have remaining is the lightning detail. I also plan to do a bit of freehand painting some Skulls and squad Icons on the back of the Rhino's to distinguish each squad.

So here is my painted army on the whole after the fourth game of the tournament.

My tournament didn't go quite as planned, I was expecting to lose the majority of games, as I am only an average player, and I was taking a "sub-optimal" Chaos Marines list. In my first game, I got really unlucky as was drawn against a "leafblower" list with the Spearhead deployment. It ended up with me being completely wiped out, I didn't even manage a single Victory Point, let alone a Kill Point. So that put me at the bottom, with a 20-0 loss and -1750 Kill points.

My Dreadnought (best painted model so far) and a glimpse of my Terminators and Possessed

So, in my second game I thought, this should be closer, and a more fun game, but boy I was wrong, I faced an almost Identical list, but with one less Vendetta and two less Hydra's. This time it was Dawn of War, and I thought I stood a chance, all I needed was for my Missile Launcher to hit a few times and it looked good with the first shot blowing up one Vendetta. But he then shot his remaining shots at my Vindicators blowing them both up through their smoke. This left me struggling and although I managed to get around 500 kill points, it ended up with a 20-0 loss again!!!

Third game, should have been easy then, I was still on zero points, and I got drawn against a Blood Angels, jump pack list. Great! I have two Vindicators that love to munch Marines, unfortunatly those two Vindicators missed four times over two turns, the Missile Launcher couldn't hit the Storm Raven (so far he had hit two things in three games). The game should have ended in a draw, but due to some miss-information, I gave the game away for a 14-6 loss. My opponent was gracious and offered a draw, but I didn't mind as I had enjoyed the game, and let him keep his win.

My Chaos Lord with Daemon weapon, being followed by his possessed retinue.

So, in my fourth game, I was put against a Space Wolf player from Aus, this guy had missed the first day due to illness. He had four Thunderwolves, and a Lord on a Thunderwolf, along with 15 Missile Launchers. I managed to kill his Thunderwolves (first time I had fought them) due to some bad rolling on my opponents behalf, It ended 15-5 loss because I couldn't get rid of the last couple of men in each squad.

Fifth game I got put against a judge as my opponent hadn't shown up, he had Daemons and I thought it would be an easy game, but this guy could Roll 5+'s like his life depended on it. I just couldn't compete with his good rolling and ended up getting flattened, though my Possessed and Lord killed 17 and a half Fiends of Slaanesh. So I was quite happy, so once again that's a 20-0 loss.

My Possessed Champion whipping the Possessed forwards being closely followed by the Terminators.

Last game, I faced an Ultramarine player with Cassius and Khan. He outflanked with Khan and 10 bikes, and his Land Raider with Cassius and some Termies, thankfully the Land Raider turned up on his side of the board. Khan managed to kill all but one Possessed and my Chaos Lord, and he and his squad then got swamped by two units of Chaos Marines, and my Lord rolled a 6 for his Daemon weapon! If the game had ended on turn 5 it would have been a high win to me, but due to the game continuing until turn 7, it ended in a complete draw of 10-10.

So all in all, there was around 15-16 Grey Knight Players, 6-7 Guard Players, 4-5 Blood Angels, and various other armies, including at least two Lash Prince, obliterator spam Chaos lists. I went away from the first day disappointed and quite bored with the game, thankfully the people I played day two were much more fun and it felt more like a game rather than just me turning up and putting my models away.

The guy I played third game (where I gave the game away) had apparently gone and spoken to the judges about what had happened and nominated me for best sportsman, which I was amazed at as I was just there to have fun. So, I would like to that Gareth Massey for that, and am glad to say I won best sportsman and so didn't leave empty handed. I ended up third from last in the tournament with 21 points.

My trophy!!!

I would also like to add that Pete, one of our newer players to the club (not the game) got nominated for best painted, but unfortunatly lost out to a Chaos Marine player that had done ALOT of brilliant freehand work, even on individual models aswell as the vehicles. I believe Angryman got a few pictures of this guys work, but still. Congratulations to Pete for getting into the top 4 of 52 armies!

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  1. That was a really long tournament, i enjoyed it but was glad when it was over, congrats on winning best sportsman,