Tuesday, 21 February 2012

[News] Tyranid and Space Wolf Second Wave!

Well then, it's been a while since I last posted. Lots going on at work and home, not much hobbywise. I've been meaning to post about my Necron progress, but constantly forget to take pictures.

Anyways... I spotted this a few moments ago thanks to Bell of Lost Souls and thought it was worth sharing on here!

Thunderwolf Cavalry3 MinisMar 03$54.50Plastic
Fenrisian Wolf Pack5 MinisMar 03$24.75Plastic
Hive Tyrant / Swarmlord1 MiniMar 03$53.75Plastic
Tervigon / Tyrannofex1 MiniMar 03$57.75Plastic
Arjac Rockfist1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf 1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Hunter with Wolf Standard1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Cyberwolf1 MiniMar 03$16.50Finecast
Boneswords Set3 x BS pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bonesword / Lash Whip Set3 x BS & LW pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ragnar Blackmane1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ulrik the Slayer1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Njal Stormcaller1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Iron Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Terminator Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Lukas the Trickster1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bjorn the Fell-Handed1 MiniMar 03$49.50Finecast
Deathleaper1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Old One Eye1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Biovore1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Spore Mine Cluster9 MinisMar 03$24.75Finecast
The Red Terror1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Ripper Swarm Brood1 MiniMar 03$13.25Finecast
 I'm a bit too excited for a plastic Hive Tyrant. It might be the thing that drives me towards buying Nid stuff...

Also nice to see with the way Finecast is going, that GW are starting to do Bitz packs again, as they shown with the banner for WHFB stuff and whatnot.

Anything on there interesting you guys?



  1. Awesome news! At least two more tervigons,a t-fex and a flyrant are finding their way into my hive fleet because of this. :)

  2. 2 tervigons, swarmlord for me and i hope they give the red terror a WD update as well as release the new rumoured TMC

  3. I am hoping the Grey Hunter with Wolf Banner is a rediculously awesome model for that price!!! Especially seeing as they give you 1 or 2 back banners that work perfectly well.

  4. You can see it in the wolves / nid spread battle - looks alright, but not sure if I'd sub my current uns. Am excited bout Arjac, Thunderwolves and Fen Wolves though - the all look awesome!