Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spamtastic Beard Boy

Hi all,

Angryman here.  We had a regular Monday night gaming session yesterday, at MAWS we try not to play net lists or spam lists or anything 'internetty'.  Last night one of our regulars, Col Straken, broke this carninal rule!!! he was playing one of our newer members who was using Imperial Guard.  Col Straken was using his Grey (cough broken!!! cough) Knights.  He decided to piss all over the mega spam rule and brought this

look at him, so proud, dreadnought boy!!!
DIRTY SPAMTASTIC BEARD BOY (minus the beard) - THAT IS 2000 POINTS!!!!!

Sorry for the rant straken, its new mikes turn next if he brings all those venoms!!!

All comments welcome


  1. I only took 3 with twin auto cannon arms!!! (the melta dreads were standing in until they get converted for my Blood Angels) I could have taken six twin auto cannon arms, which would have been more sensible/beardy.

    1. and how many dreads are you planning on running in that dreadnought army ???

  2. I go away for a few weeks and all hell breaks loose...

  3. Exactly what I was about to write.

    More importantly did his beard get trimmed?

  4. I did give Col Straken a lot of grief although I wasn't playing him - a Flamer template as a beard and a small blast as a monicle work wonders! It was interesting to see a netish list at the club however I saw a lot of this style of play back in Reading so I know it really does dull gaming down for a lot - including myself as it was cause of only seeing net lists I turned my back on WHFB....

  5. Hi guys it's new mike here!

    I must confess I've purchased 2 more ravagers, so that I can take three as heavy support. (and I won't use them all the time as I like the razorwing too much) But I think I'll leave the nine venoms to really beardie people!! And stick with three. I much prefer having raiders with splinter racks and flicker fields, giving me re rolls to hit and everyone's favourite 5+ invulnerable.

    After running a vanilla marine list for 12 months I think I'm a loud to use a few Broken rules for a bit!!

  6. NEW MIKE!! I think a night of the beard is needed, every needs a month to grow their beard/list and we'll beard it out!!

  7. I am planning to have 8 dreadnoughts (or 9) I already have 3 ready to be converted, and getting two more soon. It was the twin auto cannons at str 8 that are the beardyness in that list. Wasn't too fun to play with, there were a few good times but it wasn't until I broke ranks (and my meat shield died afterwards) that the game picked up.