Monday, 26 April 2010

Death Squads: A new way to play 40k

Hey all,

Saw this a while ago, but forgot about it, then found an email with a rulebook update for "Death Squads" - a fan based set of rules for 40k based around small scale detailed skirmishes.

"Death Squads" goes back to 4th edition style Kill Teams and borrows a lot from Necromunda and Mordheim to provide some very detailed options in your 40k play.

I've not had a full look through the rules, but it's free to get hold of (you just need to register on their forums) and worth a try.

Download Link: HERE

See what you think and maybe MAWS can give it a go sometime soon :)



  1. Thanks for your support of Death Squads.
    We try hard to put out a good ruleset.
    Glad to here your support!

  2. Hi! I was Googling around and found your post! We are fairly close to release The Living RuleBooks v0.6.4... so be pending of another pesky email when is released. Let us know how you like the game! :)