Monday, 26 April 2010

[Chaos] Converting a Plastic Abbaddon

Howdy all,

I've been away for the weekend, and since I was starting to thin out my Ork pictures and articles, I decided I'd go through my Necron army and Chaos Daemons, taking some pictures ready for a bit of discussion.

However, I opened my Chaos Daemons box and found my Plastic Abaddon conversion inside it. The last remnant of my old Chaos Marine army and the leader of my next Chaos force (should I start one).

If memory serves, I bought a Chaos Terminator Lord box so that I could get some more Lightning Claws and Chainfists for my Ork Killa Kans - however, I then decided that the Terminator Lord remaining parts could be worked with to make a plastic version of Abbaddon - which is easier to transport, less prone to breakage and costs the same price as the Metal version, and gives me a ton of extra bits!

The first thing I had to do was look at the official model and rules - then break it down into components I needed to make:

So looking at the model and rules, the following are important components:
- Bald head with Topknot, no biotics or mechanical parts.
- Talon of Horus, lightning claw with two bolt pistol sized weapons on top.
- Drach'ynen the Daemon sword, more ornate than Techno
- Trophy racks that are huge.

Apologies first of all for what looks like sloppy painting. He was converted, undercoated, sprayed and based over the space of about 36 hours.

Body Style
The body was made from the standard Chaos Terminator Lord parts, with the spikey chest, rather than the "bulls head" style design. I used a blank shoulder pad on the right shoulder and the Eye of Horus on the left side.

His head was made from the bald Chaos Terminator Lord head, with the most scale-correct Ork top knot I could find.

Daemon Sword
His Daemon sword Drach'nyen was made from the sword of a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior, with the pommel cut off and placed onto where the Chaos Lord's Power Axe was originally.

Talon of Horus
The Talon of Horus was made from the Chaos Lord's Lightning Claw, with two pistols from Khorne Berzerkers trimmed down and placed on top. The dangling ammo belts were cut from the side of the pistols and moved to a more suitable location to match the official model.

Trophy Racks
The other major detail on the official model was the Trophy Racks, which the Terminator lord comes with some big ones that I've not actually shown on the pictures.

As for painting Abaddon, I really tried to go for a dirty, grimey Chaos look - using a lot of Badab Black wash - as a test bed for a possible Black Legion army.

- Metal: Boltgun Metal and Burnished Gold
- Tabbard and Hair: Blood Red
- Power Cables and Gems: Ice Blue

The skin was a weird one for me to paint, because I'd not painted human flesh for a long, long time and Abbaddon's skin was a sickly pale colour. In the end, I went for Fortress Grey and let the Black wash do the shading for me.

So there you go guys, I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially since it's the same price as the metal model and a LOT less hassle for me. Hope you guys like it, and let me know what you think!


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  1. Well done! You've inspired me to take a go at this as well, thanks.