Tuesday, 20 April 2010

[Orks] Objective Markers

Morning again,

Along with my Warbuggies last weekend, I also started making some Objective Markers for the Ork army. I'm attending a 1,500pt tournament at the end of May and they rules pack calls for you to have 2 - 3 objective markers for your army.

I initially thought the simple and quick route of things like Guns lying around, Dead Orks... that kind of thing. But then thought about the fact MAWS players are starting branching out into special missions, and some that we play every so often are from the Cities of Death book.

Then I got onto the train of thought of making objective markers that can be re-used as my 3 stratagems in Cities of Death. I don't normally have a specific 3 stratagems I use, as it depends entirely on the mission being played - however, I went with what I could make look good and at the same time, be functional.

Ammo Dump
The first stratagem that's invaluable in a building with Shoota Boyz or Lootas is the Ammo Dump, letting me re-roll failed To-Hit rolls, which with Ork ballistic skill... is well worth taking.

To make the objective, I simply raided my Ork Bitz box for as many guns, ammo boxes and backpacks as I could - then stuck an Eldar vehicle bit upright, with an Ork glyph on, to make it stand out more and give me something I can pick up easily before, during and after a game.

Command Centre

The Command Centre stratagem is one I used to use before I got my Ork army, during the days of 4th Edition Khorne World Eaters list. Chuck the command centre in the middle of the table and watch your units get the Counter Attack special rule - always handy. I guess it's even more handy when I've got a 30 strong mob of Orks. Admittedly, it's less handy now that the assault rules have changed since 4th ed, but passing the LD test to get an extra attack per Ork - bonus!

The model was made from a spare Predator turret, that I had left over from making my Looted Wagons. The idea / theme is that it's an Ork command post if it's placed on a building in Cities of Death, or in normal games it's a hatch to an underground base.

I stuck a Battlewagon commander in the hatch, as he looks like the kind of Ork that would befitting in a Command Centre. Then I used a spare Battlewagon Zzap gun and Biker banner as an Antenna / Radar kind of thing.

Medicae Facility
The final piece is the one I'm most proud of, and kick started the whole project in the beginning. My Painboy "Klinic" was the driving force behind it. I envisioned an Ork that's been strapped to an operating table, against his will, as a Painboy goes to work on him. Feel No Pain on Orks in a building is extremely handy as it will resolve the loss of cover from Flamer hits and add to their general toughness. At a push, Grots in a building, although lots of things will be stopping the Feel No Pain!

I made the operating table out of a Rhino door and 2 Battlewagon Big shootas as supports. Then the 2 Orks were leftover Battlewagon crew. The patient Ork, originally had a topknot head, but I removed the hair as I liked the screaming look and the fact he's missing an eye. He's strapped down to the table via 2 spare Nob shoulder pads.

The painboy himself is just a Battlewagon crew member with a Scalpel in the form of a Choppa, and his Painboy arm from the Nob boxset. I got the head from a Stormboy, as I liked the look of the surgical mask get up.

So yeah, I had a lot of fun making these objective markers, especially considering I've not had much time for hobbying recently.

It's the first time I've made a set of them and I've already got plans for converting some of the other Ork Cities of Death stratagems.



  1. Liking the Medicae one the most, looks really good, the other two are really good aswell, but the medicae stands out as the best by far, the screaming ork with a “dok” looking down at him is just class. Good use of the shoulder pads to get the restraints aswell, I was wondering how you did that. you got a good eye for how things can fit together and look good.

  2. i love the medicae one, really good work there