Tuesday, 20 April 2010

[FLUFF] The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

(Now I don't mean to steal Uriel's thunder, but I have been waiting to hear his next part of the Ultramarine / Blood Angel story, so I decided I would take a stab at adding a part. I dont think it is anywhere near as good as his writing but I wanted to add in my my favourite Space Marine Unit in the game... so read on and I hope you enjoy.)

His Prey was close, he could smell it, the sickly smell of taint, the metallic tang of freshly spilt blood and the anger radiated from its body all this he could pick out from the dense cloying smells of the jungle. He knew it hadn’t noticed him yet it was too busy butchering its latest find and drinking deep from the heart of the last Ultramarine. It must have been the Ultramarine that sent the request for help on a broad frequency. Lukan’s ears pricked as he heard a muffled step and cursed in his head, his fellow Wolves should be quieter than that. The Wolf Scouts stopped as one when their newest recruit stood onto some damp sticks, but it appeared their prey was too intent on its kill. Lukan started forward again and his pack followed, only the super heightened senses of the Space Wolves able to know where each member was, it was even more enhanced than that of a normal Space Marine, if such a creation could be called normal. Lukan caught sight of his prey for the first time and was disgusted, he knew what his squad had been sent to do, they were here to quell the Red Thirst from the Blood Angels before the Inquisition found out, but to see a fellow Astarte standing over the body of the fallen Ultramarine sickened the Wolf. He drew his power sword, but didn’t activate its power field to keep up his current stealth, his enhanced hearing picked out the sound of the rest of his Pack as they did the same. He was only five strides from the Blood Angel when the trees of the jungle came to an end, reaching the clearing he waited until he knew his pack was surrounding the prey. After only a few heartbeats he leapt from the trees, the Blood Angel finally looking up from its horrid food to see the snarling face of Lukan bearing down on him. To his credit the Blood Angel did not freeze in horror as most mortals would when faced by a charging Space Wolf, he bared his own fangs which were thin and needle like compared to the Wolves thick Dagger like fangs, he brought up his own chainsword just in time to parry the wolves power sword, luckily the power field hadn’t been activated yet.

Lukan turned with the force of the Blood Angels parry, he was stronger than he had thought. Lukan brought his sword round again this time activating the field and cut deep into the leg armour of his prey, out of the corner of his eye he saw his fellow pack ready to strike if he fell. He was determined he wouldn’t. The Blood Angel was unhindered by the cut to his leg and fought with a madness seen only in those who have fallen to the Red Thirst. Lukan knew he had to end it quickly and put all his effort into breaching his preys defences, time after time he scored a hit, but the Angel refused to fall, he could smell other Blood Angels approaching, they had to leave before they arrived. He pushed himself to his limits and releasing the inner wolf he managed to get inside his preys guard, his sword bit deep into the side of the Blood Angels army piercing both hearts and coming out at the shoulder snarling fiercely into his preys face, the Blood Angel didn’t even blink, he brought down his own chainsword and only Lukan’s wolf like instinct kept him out of harms way as he dived around the back of his prey twisting his sword and pulling it free. The Wolf pack had vanished by the time the Blood Angel fell to the ground, short seconds later a Sanguinary Priest arrived to find their fallen comrade lying next to the last Ultramarine, he believed they killed each other. Lukan could smell the shame radiating from the Priest and the other Blood Angels lurking in the tree line, he waited in the shadows until the Priest had left before going back to the hunt.

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  1. Then did the blood angels team up with the ultra marines to gut themselves some space pups

  2. Well be aware I have taken note of your impatience and the next part of the story will follow along robs lead "Woof" to a bloody and eventful conclusion.