Monday, 19 April 2010

[Orks] Wargaming on the Cheap - Warbuggies

Morning all,

Figured I'd get my blog post in pretty early, after a busy weekend, I finally got around to finishing off my latest 2 projects - a set of objective markers for my Ork army (which will be covered in a later article) and a set of 3 Warbuggies, to make headway with my "1 of each Ork unit" goal for 2010.

Originally, I was intending on making Warbuggies out of Ork Trukks. Buy4LessOnline have a really good deal which is about £40 for 3 Ork Trukks. However, this would have meant waiting until I had that amount of money clear for spending - which isn't going to happen for a while!

So, last Saturday morning as I meander around the house tidying up, I came across a McDonalds toy of a Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon and thought - "That looks like either a baby Squiggoth or a massive Squig!". Quickly, a plan was formulated. My Orks are Lootas to the extreme, if it moves, hurts people or you can strap an Ork on top of it - they'll use it in a fight.

This is the orginal toy, minus a pair of wings which go on the strange looking (but very helpful) clips sticking out the side of his body. The wings have been left off and to one side for future conversions.

I then tried to Orkify it up a bit, with a big Iron Gob, Rokkits made from left over Valkyrie missle bits and some spare armour plates from old school missile launcher casing. Then this was topped off with an Ork rider, so it satisfies the Crew shaken / stunned results etc. I then stuck it on some old 60mm bases to stabilise the legs and make it a bit easier to move around.

I would have liked to put more Orky vehicle bits on it, strap more armour plates down, but due to lack of bits and really wanting to speed through the project within a week, these got left off.

So once it had been built, I left it to sit overnight to stabilise, then Sunday afternoon sprayed it Chaos Black ready for painting.

I mimicked the painting on my smaller Squig models - Mechrite Red with a Badab Black wash. This also satisfied the Red Paint Job upgrade that is mandatory for all Ork vehicles within my Waaagh!.

So there you go, hopefully you guys enjoy them and if not, at least I enjoyed making and painting them and they cost me a grand total of £5 to make - which was the 3 snap fit Orks that are sat on top of the Buggies!

In games, I'm running them with 3 Twin Linked Rokkits as a speedy roaming Tank hunter unit and the fact they're Twin Linked is excellent, as I found in a game on Saturday afternoon.

Let me know what you think about the buggies and remember that it was about speed and cost, which I'm very happy with personally :)



  1. Fantastic converting, i can't wait to see them in action!!!

  2. They should be on the table soon enough, had a test game with them on Saturday before they were fully painted.

  3. Look good.. Can't wait to have the home made kanz & stompa to go alongside these guys. It also looks more awesome taking on a squiggoth than hackin a rickety old buggy. When I started my orks was going to do snakebites but couldn't think of a way of doing trucks etc --- if only i had vision lol