Friday, 16 April 2010

[Battle Report] The Weekly Waaagh! vs Blood Angels 4th Ed

Well, seems to be a bit of a barren week again for the blog - everytime I look at the "Compose your post" screen, my mind seems to blank out. I'm intending on starting a new series of articles this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the mean time, I figured to ease myself back in I'd do a mini battle report on my game from Monday night against 4th Edition Blood Angels (which will be my last game against that Codex).

After all the talk of how uber the new Codex has become, it's easy to forget that the previous codex was no slouch.

First off, I can't remember the exact details of what went on in the game, all I know is I got a proper pasting in it. I was using my highly untested 1750pt list consisting of:
2 x Big Mek with KFF, Power Klaw, Cybork, Eavy, Bosspole
15 Lootas
15 Burnas
15 Tankbustas - 2 Tank Hammers
2 x 30 Slugga Boyz - Nob, PK, BP
18 Grotz - 1 Runtherd, Poisoned Weapon
2 Battlewagons - Red Paint, Deff Rolla, Big Shoota, Kannon, Armour Plates

The mission was a modified Cities of Death game, with the objective to hold the central building with Troop choices. Having the most troop choices within 3" at the end of the game was key to winning and ONLY Troop choices can capture. There is no Contesting, other units are there to annihalate the troop choices.

First turn, I think both Battle Wagons were gone from the sheer amount of twin linked Lascannon Razorback fire, along with Bike and Speeder Meltas. Which put a serious dent in not only mobility, but there seemed to be some mega high rolling to wound the Burnas and Tankbustas inside. Despite having KFFs, I seemed to manage to epic fail on rolling higher than a 2 for any of them...

Throughout the game it seemed to be that what managed to survive the torrent of fire from the Blood Angels, managed to make an impact in the assault phase with turn 1 and 2 yeilding the scalps of the Landspeeders, half a Bike squad and an attack bike Squadron.

The Deathcompany were skulking around on a far flank, and the Razorbacks had formed a wall of Red Steel until their speedier Bretheren were chopped down. So out jumped Corbulo and the lads with their furious charge and after 2 turns causing a big Ork mob to run away after dropping to low numbers.

Turn 4 brought the stand-out moments of the game:

One of the Big Meks and the 1 remaining Burna in the unit almost managed to weather the fire of 4 Twin Linked Lascannons and 8 Stormbolter shots rolling an obscene amount of 5+ cover saves. Unfortunately the Mek eventually fell to the final Lascannon shot.

In the same turn, 2 Space Marine bikers charged the (now 15 man) Grot unit. Charging in, hitting on 3s, killing on 2s and managing to kill nothing. Woe betide the wrath of the Runtherder, seeking vengeance on the bikers that tried to run down his family of Grots. He managed to hit with his 2 attacks, wound on both with his poisoned weapon and the bikers failed their saves. I think he may be in line for a promotion after that show of force!

On turn 5, had the game ended it would have been a draw, with the last remnants of a Boyz mob and the Grotz holding the middle building, along with 2 nearby Tactical squads.

Unfortunately, it went to a turn 6, where the Boyz were pwned by fire from the Razorbacks and tac squads - and the Grots were battered by Death Company. Oh well... Orks never lose... we just leave and come back for more later!!

Things I lacked were some real combat punch to rely on - like a Warboss and some better rolling for Kustom Force Fields.

On the other hand, I had some really good luck with rolling Leadership tests especially for my Lootas who were locked in combat for 2 or 3 turns because of this.

The Tankbustas once again did ok, although I do wish they'd change the restriction on the Glory Hogs rule in the assault phase. Not charging a enemy thats close enough to spit on you, is highly irritating. I don't mind the shooting restriction, but the assault one becomes a pain.

The Burnas didn't get up to much, aside from scalping some Attack bikes and helping finish off a Tactical squad.

All in all, a close game, but one that was poorly played, but well rolled, on my behalf!

Peace out,


  1. Sounds like a good game and from what isaw it was played in the right spirit of fun and enjoyment. Die ork die being shouted and no not my beautifully painted battle wagons and the tears my god the tears. No looked liked fun you cant underestimate brother Corbula and his 5 man tactical squad buddies they look lightweight but pack an awesome punch. Hope the new codex is as fun to play as the last, sanguious came up with you real ripper lists out the last one.

  2. "so fear not and be proud, for we are the sons of Sanguinius, the protectors of Mankind. Aye, we are indeed the Angels of Death."