Monday, 19 April 2010

New projects or ideas

Hi all, Angryman here,

As its a rainy Monday morning I thought I'd ask a general question. Does anyone have any new ideas or modelling projects in the pipeline or are you currently working on anything?

2000 points of Salamander Space Marines are almost finished, Vulkan He'Stan just needs adding
This army has been worked on for about 6 months now, buying the models and building them up slowly. I thought I'd splash out on these guys so I bought the Forgeworld Salamader vehicle and terminator bits.

I've also been adding to my on-going and favorite army, the Tyranids
In the past month I've been busy adding some more termagants to my fleet, I've got everything I need to finish of my Trygon Prime (it just needs painting now). I finally got my hands on the bits I need to make my Doom of Malan'tai and the spore pod I use with him. My Alpha warrior has now been converted
as well as my version of the Parasite of Mortrex (forgive the picture quality).

And to finish off I finally mounted all my existing terrain pieces onto hardboard, repaired them and made some new bits with the stuff I had lying around in boxes.
So, What has everyone else been up to? share your projects with the wargaming world.


  1. I painted my Trygon last night and i think ive got the bug (excuse the pun) for painting again.

  2. I've done even more, I painted my Zonathropes last night, now just 2 tervigons, a loada termagants, 4 warriors and my alpha warrior to paint by the end of May.

  3. my newest project is my Space Wolves, which hopefully will be bought/built/painted by the last weekend in May for Marauders tourney. this is a tall order, but I have already built most of my army using some spare scouts and marines I had unbuilt, these were added to using a box of Space Wolves. So I now have 20 Grey Hunters, 5 Scouts, and 5 Long Fangs built... but I still need 10 Termies, all my HQ's (probably Logan) possibly 5 more Scouts, and 2 Rhinos and a Razorback. To get all these in as short a time as possible (plus give me extra) I am going to be buying a box of Space Wolf Termies, and a box of normal Termies, a Space Wolf Battleforce for 20 Marines, a Pod and 5 Scouts (plenty to make a larger force) plus 3 Razorbacks which can be swapped and Changed between Razorbacks and Rhinos. Tomorrow I will be getting the Termies, I was planning to get the Battleforce, but they are a bonus for making a larger variety of lists (and because I forgot to build 2 Wulfen a melta and a Flamer).

  4. thats a helluva project, lots of models built and painted by the end of may, if you get a little bit done every night you should fly through it. I forgot to mention my doom and the spore pod as well by the end of May.