Friday, 30 April 2010

[Daemons] Khorne Daemon Army Showcase

Hey all,

Last Monday while I had some time off work, I spent the day photographing my 40k armies to be ready for blog articles, ready to be fired off whenever.

Today I thought I'd show my Daemon Army unit by unit, just in a kind of showcase article. Talk a bit about anything interesting and generally just show them off...

The brief of this army was two-fold. After playing a LOT of games over the space of 12 months with my Orks, I decided I wanted a very different army that I could make all plastic and on the cheap.

I'd gone round and round with ideas what to do, and liked the sound of the Daemons, and at the time I had a Khorne Heavy Chaos marine list, so the two would link well. In August, the army was born getting about 1,250pts for £50. I then expanded this in October with a £30 investment and rounded it up to over a 2,000pt force - all plastic. "How've you managed that?" you may ask. Well read on...


This is my take on Skulltaker. He took a bit of a hit in the transition between 4th and 5th Edition, due to the changes to rending rules, but I still think he's a really cool character. Most people's gripe is that for the extra points, it's not worth it when you can just take a normal Herald on a Juggernaut, but like I say, he's cool. He's made from a normal Bloodletter, holding a Skull and with a Khornate shoulder pad and chainmail tabbard thing.

Originally he was going to have a cloak, but the brief of the project was "Quick, Cheap and Dirty" and it would have meant sculpting work, which I didn't fancy doing at the time.


This guy is a pre-painted Dungeons and Dragons mini which I bought for £5 (1/7th the cost of a Metal one) and all I had to do was base him with sand. Bargain! Think he's called Ba'Lor or something...

Bloodcrusher Heralds

This is one of my 2 Heralds on Juggernauts. Now I know what you're thinking... "He's not riding anything!" and you'd be true to spot that. My reasoning behind this is that since Bloodcrushers count as Infantry because "the massive armoured Juggernaut is too slow to be considered Cavalry", I envisioned some kind of Incredible Hulk style Bloodcrusher.

So these guys are made from Ogre Ironguts with big 2 Handed weapons. I figure they fit the role of S5, T5, Power Weapon armed with Iron Hides pretty well.


These guys are probably the only standard unit in the army, and were the test bed of the paint scheme. The army is divided by Green and Blue detailing on the tongues of the Bloodletters to split the units on the battlefield.

They're painted Mechrite Red (flesh), Boltgun Metal and Shining Gold (Hellblades) and Dheneb Stone (bones, teeth, claws, horns). Then they're washed over with Badab Black. Simples!

I'm not one for large amounts of time spent painting...


These are 1 of the 2 units of Bloodcrushers I use in my 2000pt list. This is the green half, and each unit runs with a Herald attached into it.

Flesh Hounds

These Flesh hounds are made from Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warhounds, simply because they're £12 for 10 of them - a full unit or 2 units of 5. They're painted in the same way as the Bloodletters, but I've kept the fur black, like the old style Bloodletters and the Bloodthirster's mane are.


This is Karanak, the leader of the Flesh hounds. He's simply a standard Flesh Hound, but one that's stood howling. I'm thinking about maybe adding some more details onto the base to make him stand out. Personally, I think Karanak is always worth taking if you take the hounds.

Original Daemon Prince

This is my first original Daemon Prince made from the Be'Lakor model from Warhammer Fantasy, as firstly, the model is awesome. But then the fact it's £3 cheaper than the 40k Daemon Prince AND already comes with wings attached.

He's painted in a much brighter shade of red, as he originally led my Khorne Chaos Marine army into battle. However, he's been sidelined as my list called for 3 Daemon Prince units.

New Daemon Princes

These are my new Daemon Princes. Fire Elementals from Dungeons and Dragons, as I really liked the transparent orange look. However, I think these guys will soon get retired in favour of some more fitting models, they look a bit too Tzeentchian. I have some ideas for the MK2 versions, but we'll have to wait and see!

The Khorne Family Photo

And finally here's the army in all it's spikey, bloody glory:
- Bloodthirster
- Skulltaker
- 2 Heralds on Juggernauts
- 20 Bloodletters
- 8 Bloodcrushers
- 10 Flesh Hounds
- 4 Daemon Princes

Next step is maybe some better fitting Daemon Princes - depending when GW decide to release that elusive plastic prince!.

As usual... any questions, comments or feedback, let me know :)



  1. I really like the way you made use of those Ogre Kingdom guys, they look great in your army. Good work!

  2. This army is lethal in combat, horrible on the charge as its loaded with power weapons and MC's. Its an army I often struggle against. Fantastic conversions though and a good paint job.