Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bankholiday Weekend and Wargaming

Hey all.

Hopefully everyone's had a good and productive Easter weekend in terms of Wargaming. There's not much going on at the minute in terms of news, so just a quick one today.

Me personally, over the weekend I went on a bit of an undercoating Spree. I prepped the remainder of my Imperial Guard Mech-Air Force for painting. The to-paint list for my 2,000pt force now stands at:
- Command Squad: Straken, Melta Gun, Medic, Vox Caster, 2 Bodyguards, Atropath.
- 3 Flamers
- 6 Melta Guns
- 2 Chimeras
- 3 Valkyries

As I had everything outside and the weather was holding off, I decided that I'd also spray my Lord of the Rings remaining stuff - in the hope I can get a game of it soon or sell it off fully painted. Also serves a nice change of pace from 40k stuff having reference images to a film as "this is how you paint this", rather than free-flowing like I do with 40k. I still do change stuff, since I really don't like painting Gold, for example, but for most part I try and keep to the film or book description.

This then led me to decide on undercoating the other half of my Bretonnian army ready to paint, who've not come out of their box for a good 18 months or so. But, wanting to save a job later down the line, I needed to glue sand to all the bases first before spraying. Which took a LOT longer than I first thought - about an hour and a half in total, by which point it had gone dark outside. So, in a box, ready to spray I've got:
- 8 Grail Knights (converted plastic Knights of the Realm)
- Grail Reliquae plus 20 Battle Pilgrims (converted from Men at Arms, Flagellants and a Chariot)
- 10 Errant Knights (old edition Bretonnian Knights I got cheap)
- 15 Men at Arms with Spear and Shield
- 5 Mounted Yeomen (Kitbash of Empire Pistoliers, Men at Arms and Knights of the Realm)
- 2 Damsels

I'm quite eager to get my Brets back into a game and finish painting them. I've found I have to work a lot harder to paint stuff for Fantasy, but I've got a quite quick scheme for painting Knights now that I've been using Citadel Washes a lot.

Lastly, I played a game last night against Mark's Tyranid army which included 3 Trygons, a Tervigon, 2 units of 3 Hive Guard and the Doom of Malan'tai in a Coconut.

In all, it wasn't a very good game for me. Objective was to take and hold the central building, at the end of the game the player with most Troop choices within 3 inches won.

In short, I got annihalated from some bad judgements, not knowing the enemy capabilities (Fleet on Trygons for example) and generally being extremely tired from a busy Bankholiday Monday.

At the start of my turn 5, all I had left were a unit of Grots that had failed to show up from reserve throughout the game, so we called it a white-wash there.

There were a couple of turns that went my way, but generally a spot of bad luck here or there, along with bad decision making and you get what you deserve.

I did manage to topple a Trygon with Tankbustas and was Snake Eyes away from battering a second one with a PK Nob in a slugga mob. Next time I'll get you, you pesky Xeno Worms!

So what have you guys been up to over the weekend - painting, converting, hobbying-wise?



  1. Well I had an extra long bank holiday weekend, I booked a day off either side of the holiday. With that time I finally completed my Parasite of Mortrex, and im quite proud of how it turned out (first time with green stuff). I built a Tyranid prime and 4 warriors with lash whip and bone sword. Ive finally board mounted all my 40 buildings and scenery (now ive just got to undercoat and paint).

  2. Well back to work on the night shift tonight played Chaos Marines on monday and got a narrow loss but was happy with the result. Played combat patrol on tuesday and loved it even rolled out my command squad with plasma and the captain took down an avatar. Epic stuff. Still neither wil be making an apperance at the club till painted.

  3. dude why??? get them painted