Monday, 28 January 2013

January Painting Pledge - Raider and Razorwing Completed!

Morning all,

After having a pretty lazy January aside from my Hellions, I managed to get in a furious few days of painting and hobbying.

First up, on Thursday night I decided I wanted to kick myself into gear and get as much as I could of the remaining January list completed. As well as that, I'd been itching to paint my Dark Eldar flyer for ages and always left it as a "just get this other unit done first..." carrot on a stick.

The Razorwing is a really nice model to paint, it's thin and sleek with a few very large plates. I enjoyed painting it up, especially good to ease me back in after a chunk of infantry.

Either way, I managed to plough through that in an evening whilst watching some films, so now it's ready to go on the tabletop!

Spraying Dark Vengeance
On Saturday afternoon, despite the heavy snow we had in Manchester the night before, I managed to clear a path in the garden, put some bin bags down to protect my gear and table and get some spraying done.

One of my aims this month was to get Dark Vengeance sprayed up, which I managed to juuuuust have enough black spray to do it.

Note to self, don't spend an hour outside in the snow spraying plastic men in future. My hands were raw afterwards. But bright side is, they're sprayed up and ready to go next month!

Ploughing on from the progress with the Razorwing and having a free night on Saturday, I went and got my final Raider to paint up.

Again, I made really good time on this, even though I had to stop after every step to compare with my older Raiders and make sure I got the colour areas correct. When I bought this one, the Dark Lance end was snapped off, so I had to convert it into a Disintegrator, so the plan is for this to be the Incubi wagon.

So with that Raider complete, that's my Dark Eldar army completely painted (until I buy more stuff on a whim) and also my January painting pledge completed!

To Spray:
- Dark Vengeance

To Paint:
- 10 Hellions
- 1 Raider
- 1 Razorwing

Over the next couple of days I'm hoping to make a start on February's pledge or maybe get some miscellaneous tasks out of the way that have been lingering for a while. Expect some updates soon!


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