Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dark Eldar - First game back for a while.

Morning all.

Thought I'd chuck a quick one out this morning, since I forgot yesterday, after my game on Monday night.

There's a team tournament coming up that I'm unsure whether I'll be needed to play in so I whipped up a 1600pt Dark Eldar list for it, since I've been using them pretty exclusively since 6th came out.

I tried to add in some of the stuff I've painted this month like my Razorwing and 3rd Raider as well as less focus on the Wych units and more on Kabalites and shooting.

So here's the list I took:

  • Archon - huskblade; splinter pistol; Kabalite armour; plasma grenades; combat drugs; soul-trap; shadow field.
  • Haemonculus - venom blade; splinter pistol; shattershard.

  • 4 Incubi - Klaivex w/ Demi-Klaives. Raider w/ Disintegrator Cannon, Night Shields and Aethersails.
  • 3 Trueborn - 2 Dark Lances. Venom w/ 2nd Splinter Cannon and Night Shields.
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors - Splinter Cannon, Blaster, Sybarite w/ Venom Blade. Raider w/ Dark Lance, Splinter Racks, Aethersails and Night Shields.
  • 10 Kabalite Warriors - Splinter Cannon, Blaster, Sybarite w/ Venom Blade. Raider w/ Dark Lance, Splinter Racks, Aethersails and Night Shields.
  • 4 Wracks - Venom w/ 2nd Splinter Cannon and Night Shields.
Fast Attack:
  • 6 Scourges - 2 Haywire Blasters, Solarite w/ Venom Blade

Heavy Support:
  • Ravager - 3 Dark Lances, Night Shields
  • Razorwing Jet Fighter - 2 Wing Dark Lances, Splinter Cannon, 4 Monoscythe Missiles, Night Shields
It's a list I enjoyed the look of, had a lot of shooting in there as well as a nice little combat unit with the Incubi. Normally I take them in a unit of 9 with the Archon but I wanted some extra units or upgrades.

The game we played was Kill Points in the diagonal deployment (forget it's name) and I had to set up on the defensive to try and stop my paper planes getting popped too easily. We managed 3(ish) turns before calling time and I lost 10 - 6 on points. My warlord was killed and the Marines / Eldar took Linebreaker, I got first blood and the rest was units destroyed.

Night Shields
Not sure how everyone feels about them, but personally I love them. For the first 2 turns it meant Whirlwinds couldn't reach most of my stuff thanks to the diagonal deployment. As most of my blokes were in transports, it kept them safe. As soon as the transports were gone, the Whirlinds were a menace.

I need to investigate the missiles properly as when I built my list, I kept the default missiles. However, I felt this did pretty well popping up in Turn 2 (with some help) and managed to wipe out a Terminator squad on it's own due to weight of fire and Lances being AP2. Think this will stay in my list from now on.

Kill Points
Kill points are hard for me as Dark Eldar and as a player. I prefer the objective based games and find I play better in them, Kill Points missions I tend to get sidetracked and can't finish off units or lose them too easily by playing too risky.

This is one of my favourite upgrades and I always give it my Haemonculus and since it annoys everyone, I'm going to keep a tally going at the side of the blog for how many kills it gets through this year. The total currently stands at 2 Warp Spiders.

Not so Defensive
I didn't utilise one of the Dark Eldar's biggest strengths, their speed, because I was too busy worrying about hiding my paper planes for a few turns and ended up stuck in my own deployment zone. This meant the Marines and Eldar coming in were getting Linebreaker pretty easily, and worse, I didn't get it myself.

Last one, the jury is out on these guys. They were taken as an excuse to get another Venom in on the cheap and I gave them the Dark Lances as I had the models. I was hoping I can use them as a mini Devastator squad, but they didn't really do much in the game and I think they're a bit of an easy target for first blood.

So that's all for now. Thought I'd put my list up and see what people thought and also some stuff from my head about what units did nicely on Monday night.



  1. I like your post-game analysis :)
    You kitted out your Warriors and Scrouges for combat, where the Sybarite and Solarite usefull? Also, did you miss the PGL on the Archon/Incubi squad? Was the Haemonculus with them too?

  2. I always try and give the Sybarites a combat upgrade just incase they get stuck. They never really plan on getting into combat, but if they're attacked it's helpful if the Sybarites / Solarites can chip in.

    Never got to use the Scourges because they were still in reserve by time we had to call it, but on past experience they tend to either deep strike mishap and die / do nothing, or do really well.

    The PGL on the Archon / Incubi I might look at adding back in instead of the Klaivex. It's nice to have him in there to accept or issue challenges but he also sinks up points.

    I tend to keep the Haemonculus with the Wracks, or send him off on his own in their venom with a Shattershard to try and snipe things with that. He managed to kill 2, then died later on to massed Warp Spider fire and assault.

  3. Id say the best unit of the game was warp spiders with the autarch ; p
    Game was played against Mr One & myself. Both of us coming out of 40k semi retirement to give badger some tourney practice if he is needed. Cant seem to get into this edition, maybe I just need to battle through it with more games. I better had with over 60k worth of points available across my 5 dexes. Or sell the lot & clear my mortgage lol

  4. The Warpspiders battered me, even more reason for me wanting some in my Eldar army but until they're plastic I can't be fussed.

    As for 6th ed, I don't mind it it's just different and I need to play it more. There's a few niggly things, but no different to any previous edition. Admittedly I've not played it as much as other people.

    Solution? MORE GAMES OF 40K!

  5. And as an update I had to tweak the list above ever so slightly...

    When I got the figures out for the game I realised I only have 1 Splinter Cannon model and needed 2, so I've dropped the 2nd one and given the Razorwing a Flickerfield since I figured it would save me having to Evade (or whatever it is) and lose out on firepower.

    Still not sure if that's right or even works that way, but meh... It's done.

  6. Bloody fliers....
    Bloody flickerfield ....
    U know now uve added that it'll be like my fateweaver all over again. Not a scratch in a stack of games then go to a tourney & dies (well flees) in every game to first shot he takes.
    I think ur pilot better take plenty of parachutes