Thursday, 24 January 2013

January Painting Pledge - Hellions Completed!

Brief update on my January painting pledge, now with 1 week left to run.

Over the weekend I tried to kick myself into gear and get the Hellions completed, rather than leave them and let them over-run into next month AGAIN.

Terrible picture taken in a rush... sorry!

Apologies for the terrible picture, but I can assure you, the painting is even worse than the picture. It's kinda made me regret my quick batch-painting approach, but at the end of the day I've got too much plastic crack lying around and not enough time to paint as well as I used to.

Either way, they're done. So chalk 'em off that list!

To Spray:
- Dark Vengeance

To Paint:
- 10 Hellions
- 1 Raider
- 1 Razorwing

I'm hoping to get an hour free where it's not raining or deciding to snow, so I can get Dark Vengeance sprayed up and worked on.

And in the mean time, I've got the Razorwing on my paint desk ready to be started, I just have absolutely zero motivation.

As for the Raider, I highly doubt that'll be this month. It'll probably slip into my February plans... But who knows, maybe I'll go on a painting bender this weekend?


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