Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Badger's Log - Skaven Warlocks / Dark Eldar Haemonculi

Morning all,

Think this'll be the last one of the Dark Eldar for a while. Today I'll show off some Skaven bits that are used as various Haemonculi in my Dark Eldar army.

 Skaven Rat Ogre packmasters. These guys weren't intended to originally be used as Haemonculi, but when I got 3 of them with my Rat Ogres, I thought it was worth including them as Haemonculi with alternative wargear. So usually, I have these guys as bog-standard Venom Blades. 

These guys were the original Haemonculi models I wanted. I originally did want to head swap them to have the visored Dark Eldar Wych head - so they have some mystery about them - but the way the Skaven models were didn't really allow that without hacking too much.

In recent games, the ranged weapon has been a Hex-Rifle or a Liquifier and to keep them cheap, his staff is a Venom Blade.

Finally, this Skaven Warlord I got on the cheap to use as Urien Rakarth (or Rat-karth as I call him now...) since he's a tooled up version of the rest and has a bit of height over the other models. The only conversion work I did on him was to cut the back banner off, as I felt that the big icon and flame were too Skaven-y.

So that's it (I think) on the Dark Eldar for a bit. I'm continually using them in games through the weeks to mixed results, but that's what I'm enjoying about them - having to really think about where I'm going, what I'm deploying where and what I can do to avoid direct confrontation and harass the enemy.

And you'd also think 13 Dark Lance shots at a Predator would at least warrant a single damge result... Damn Ravagers!


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