Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Badger's Log - Brotherhood of the Forge Battle Squad

Morning all,

After my Dark Eldar spree recently, I've moved onto bulking out my Brotherhood of the Forge army, whilst I've still been gripped by the painting bug.

I reckon I got about 400 - 500 more points painted up, and I've got 2 Immolators on the assembly conveyor belt. Which hopefully means I'm close to 1500 and a decent force to use until I find some alternative model ideas for other things.

Figured I'd start off light, with a standard Battle Squad (count as Sisters of Battle Squad) that will give me a second scoring unit (or more if I split them into 2 x 5 Man squads).

The squads I like to run with is a 10 strong squad, Flamer, Melta, Imagifier, Vet Superior usually with a power weapon, book of St Lucius and Melta Bombs (just incase a Dreadnaught gets cocky...).

I do really enjoy painting the Dwarf models, especially since they're super quick to paint. The vast majority of the model is the chainmail armour. I've also incorporated a new beard colour (black) into the mix to try and add some variety in the squads.

I just need to go back and do some squad markings on this unit and the other unit of 10 I have, to differentiate them on the tabletop.

I'll post some more up tomorrow!


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