Monday, 18 April 2011

Badger's Log - Skaven Rat Packs

Morning all,

A quick Monday morning post from me, just to keep things fresh. During my massive Skaven spree, I ended up assembling 5 bases of Rats, with the intention they would be my Nurgling Swarms in my Daemon army.

I also originally thought about using them as Razorwing Flocks, but since the new models were released and they're quite high up, I thought I'd be pushing it for True LOS.

One thing I really like are the "mini Plague Monk" models I've used as a "Squad leader" on each base. I was originally going to dot them around other bases, but likes the idea of some walking-on-hind-legs upstart Rat lording around his bretheren.

I've also painted up all my Brotherhood of the Forge stuff (aside from the 2 boxed Immolators) over the weekend and will get them posted up once I've done my Skaven run of stuff.


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