Monday, 30 August 2010

What are you in it for!

I was originally going to do a post on my slow progress on a Night Lords army, but I then thought, showing off a Forge World Dread, and a Vindicator, both unpainted would be a little boring. So I will save that until I get some paint on them, but for now, I wanted to find out what you are in the hobby for. A lot of Blogs have asked this, but I want to look more in depth than just for the painting, or gaming, etc.

Firstly, I am in this hobby because I really enjoy the fluff, all the stories which I can immerse myself into and forget about my boring job and mediocre life. I enjoy building the models, though I can rarely transfer my thoughts into good looking models. The painting side, I find it hard to concentrate with as I have a Mathematical and very un-artistic mind. This means, (although I always lose) I enjoy writing a decent army list, and working out the probabilities and plans of attack and defence. But the reason I enjoy this hobby the most is because it's a chance to unwind from work, and chill out with a few mates and have a laugh. We always have something to talk about, and often compare ideas to make our armies and conversions that much better.

So, I put to you, why do you enjoy this hobby, we all know no-one is just into it because they enjoy painting. You can paint anywhere, on a canvass, or any number of other models available. So what brings the painters to this particular hobby, and not just the painters, everyone. Why do gamers chose this game, there are plenty more and a lot that play easier and smoother.


  1. Im pretty much a 40K geek, I enjoy the fluff, the modelling plus the gaming. Its a nice break to hang out with your mates after work and to get away from the stress of family life (I hope the wife isn't reading this).

  2. I like the background of the 40k Universe. It's been instilled in me now, same way Tolkien was instilled in me. 40k is like my first and foremost Sci-Fi universe, Tolkien my Fantasy universe. Everything else then gets compared as such, and being a creature of habit, I don't like change.

    The fluff keeps me interested, but I'm not someone who spends a lot of time reading through source materials. I much prefer actually making things with conversions or even just simply assembling the models I buy. Games Workshop plastic is pretty good and after I've gone back to cheaper ranges, find them pretty annoying to work with.

    Agree with Angryman though, it's an excellent stress relief, which is the main reason I stay in it.

  3. (1) I started just to get out of the house & meet some new people -- as I had a very limited social circle & needed summat new to do after I had to give up rugby n ju-jitsu cos of my health. Had played it a little when I was about 13 --- but few mates at the time had epic so it got boxed.

    (2) Then picked my armies based on the fluff / books i've readb from black library. So far got Blood Angels, Daemons, Orks, soon to be Emperors Children.

    (3) Like makin the models,(painting not so much) as people who know me can testify. If i don't have over 8000 points for an army it just ain't a good enough army --- lol. Odd conversions or made up n whacked together in the case of the soon to be finished stormraven

  4. I just like playing with my brother and my Dad. I like the background of the 40k universe. I also like the models and their details. However, I have never painted anything, except Ultramarine Lt. Varras for Brother Captain Uriel Ventris.

  5. Above everything else I enjoy the social aspect of the hobby (including the forums and blogs) and playing the actual war games. Next up for me is the "preparation" pulling together army lists and examining strengths and weaknesses and the decision making in army selection.

    I'm not as keen on the painting side because I'm not that great at it but I do like sticking the models together if there's something interesting to listen to on the radio or a podcast while I do it.

    An interesting topic, I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for sharing,

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