Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rise of the Tau

Hi all,

Angryman here, for all of you 40K gamers who have read most of Rise of the Tau and been waiting for Revenant to finish it, I've got some news.

Rise of the Tau

Click the above link to read the full 235 chapters with epilogue PLUS the start of a Q and A session with the author Revenant.

This has to be the best piece of fan fiction I have ever read.  It incorporates pretty much most of the major fluff for ALL of the races current in the 40K universe and tries to answer some of the questions people have had but never answered.

After you have read the story please feel free to comment


  1. Looks good. I'd have to compile it all into a doc, then print it out though - can't deal to read large amounts from a PC screen!

  2. passes time at work on my phone nicely. much better written & interesting than most of the black library stuff

  3. Alright all

    Sorry for adding this comment in the wrong post, I wasn't certain if you'd be checking comments on posts further down the blog.

    I'm trying to get back into the hobby after a long hiatus and I noticed that you're playing Battlefleet Gothic about ten minutes from me. I've got a few Imperial ships that I impulse bought a few months ago and if I add a couple more I'd have a small fleet I could get painted in a week or two. Would any of you mind playing a game with a bit of a newb anytime soon? I'd try to read the rules beforehand so I wouldn't be too tedious to play against. Please, pretty please?


  4. Hi Adam,

    We've only just started playing Battlefleet about 2 weeks ago. Two lads from the club have played the last two weeks and I'm intending to start in the next week or so, so we're not too far on.

    If you either give us your email address, or get registered on our MAWS Yahoo Group, we can sort out when we can get a game organised.


  5. Adam,

    as badger has stated we have been playing it for 2 weeks but we'd love to have new players come down and join in.

  6. Thanks for the replies! I've got two cruisers and 3 Sword escorts and I'll be ordering a few more ships today. Depending on when they arrive, I should have a fleet painted up by a week on Monday so I'll be good to go from then. Should I print of a set of templates, reference sheets and order dice counters? Also, what point size should I make my fleet?

    I've joined the yahoo group. My screen name is luton_town_adam

    Hopefully getting a game or two in will give me the spur to pull my finger out and paint the Eldar army I bought a year ago (gathering dust since). I can never motivate myself to paint just for the sake of it.

  7. it doesnt matter about counters, templates, ref sheets etc we have lots of them. As for your eldar bring it down unpainted if you want, we play a lot of 40K so would be happy to play against it. If you want to come down a week on monday (i think thats the 13th Sept) we'd be happy to play BFG with you.

  8. Great! Thanks, Angryman. I'll see you a week tomorrow.

  9. I love you.

    figuratively, of course. ;)

    Thanks a heap, I never managed to keep up with it when it was being posted on the BL forums.

    Now I can start it again in all it's epic glory!

    I also plan to see if I can edit this into a book and print it off with a cover and everything...

  10. Valius,

    If you ever edit it into a book please send a link to it, it would be really good to see it formatted that way