Friday, 3 September 2010

[Event] MAWS Combat Patrol Cup

Hi all,

Thought I'd take a moment to pass this around. We spoke last week about running a 1 night tournament, using 500pt Combat Patrol forces.

You can find the first draft rulespack here: MAWS Combat Patrol Cup

Let me know what you think of the rules and whether you can see any changes that will be needed.

Rough estimate for the cup to take place is Mid to End of November, which gives plenty of time to everyone getting their forces bought, built and painted up! (Also a good excuse to get a project blog running in the lead-up to the competiton!)



  1. I am liking the rules, even got in a couple of special "table" rules from various tourny's we have been to. What counts as a scoring unit though, is it just troops or is it all units?

    For the objectives mission i think it should be D3 objectives otherwise it might not be much of a fight with there being very little on the table.

    And i think you should change the comment to, "and the coverted wooden sppon will be awarded to Col.Straken"

  2. its only infantry that can score (not just troops, so elite, hq etc so long as they are infantry). this also means bikes cannot score even if they count as troops

  3. Yeah, I forgot to add those in.

    Good point about the Objective numbers. I'll change that - it makes sense.

    I'll have to wait 'til Monday to edit them on my Work PC, since that's got all the fonts and stuff.

  4. If I did it, I cannot take any transports!!!!!!!!!
    Only vechile vypers/war walkers
    Will it be a monday?

  5. yeah it will be a monday, im gonna use marines or eldar, not sure which yet

  6. The point of the Combat Patrol rulings is to design a Scout style skirmish force. A small force that doesn't rely on heavy vehicles, Terminators and big nasty units of death.

  7. still my men will get wasted
    With NOOO transports!!!