Saturday, 28 August 2010

40K and beyond

Hi all,

Angryman here.  How many of you 40K faithful play the other games set in the 40K universe?

the gang warfare skirmish game set in the underhives of the planet Necromunda

this is where the imperial navy, the traitor fleets, eldar battlefleets etc clash in the depth of space.

We used to play a lot of necromunda but now we are moving into Battlefleet Gothic, its quite a good same so far ( we've only played one game).  I just finished a scratch built space station made from 40K vehicle spares and now im moving onto a space hulk.

So do you play anything else set in the 40K universe? if so please share your thoughts.


  1. Although I don't play Battlefleet Gothic, it has always been on my list of "to-do". The scope for combining BFG and 40K games in a campaign is limitless, and must surely add some really cool extra spice to the narratives. Necromunda on the other hand is more of a stand-alone game, and I can't see that many opportunities to use a Necro game as part of a 40K campaign. That's just my opinion.

    Ave Imperator!

  2. i completly agree, we used to play necromunda as a break frm 40K game. BFG does add some intersting possibilities to campaigns, espcially when you add in a planetary empires map

  3. Talking about Necromunda in terms of 40k Campaigns, it's not that hard to replace some armies as "Gangs" and such. Orks as Goliath, Guard as Orlocks, Eldar as Van Saar and so on.

    I think it allows for some more interesting skirmish level stuff than Kill Teams or whatnot.

    But I'm looking forward to playing BFG. Seems like really good fun.