Thursday, 26 August 2010

Britcon 2010 the aftermath

Hi all Angryman here,

Its been 2 weeks since Britcon, I've been a bit busy with one thing or another so I'm only just getting round to publishing my results.  All the games are based on a 32 - 0 scoring system (with a sliding scale)

There were 16 players that entered.  Out of that there were 5 Tyranid armies, 2 Imperial Guard armies, 3 Space Wolf armies, 2 Slannesh Daemon armies, 1 Ork army, 1 Chaos Space Marine army, 1 Sisters of Battle army and a Dark Eldar army.

My first opponent was Iain (for some reason I kept calling him Neil, must have been the booze).  He used a Space Wolf army.  The game was a variation on kill points, I won the game 20 - 12
A lot of the force was in transports

His Thunderwolf cavalry looked so good I had to include a picture of them

My next opponent was another Tyranid Player, Ross.  He had a similar list to mine.  The game was capture and control.  I won the game 32 - 0

He set his force up around his objective

The scratch built Mysetic Spore was too good not to show

My next opponent was Josh, he brought a mechanised Imperial Guard army.  This mission was objectives (5 of them).  I lost 32 - 0.  My only consoling grace was that Josh went on to finish 1st at Britcon

Most of the units started in transports

My next opponent was Martin, he brought. a Tyranid army.  The mission was a variation on objectives )5 of them).  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of his army.  I blame it on the booze.  After a 7 turn game it ended up a draw 16 - 16

My next opponent was called Robert.  He brought a Dark Eldar army along, i was quite nervous because i had only ever played Dark Eldar twice before and the amount of dark lances scared the crap out of me.  The misson was called Slave Raid (from the battle missions book).  I won 24 - 8

His 2 light blue raiders contained his 2 large assault units

My last opponent was called Micheal, he brought Chaos Space Marines.  The mission was one I've never played before, I think it was out of the battle missions book, I cant remember it properly, it was to capture 3 objectives and you played length ways across the board.  I won the game 32 - 0

His army represented all 4 powers and started off in transports

I really liked his daemon prince so I had to show it.

After 2 days and a night, 6 games and a lot of alcohol I finished 4th - I missed out on 3rd by 4 points!!!!  Oh well there is always next year to bring home a trophy!


  1. Good to see some pics of the event - though it was quite a small field the quality of play and banter was really good - lookin forward to next year!

  2. it was a really good tourny this year, we all really enjoyed it, there should be more of us next year, looking forward to it already