Saturday, 17 July 2010

Manutia Defence Strike Force

+++ Incoming Transmission+++

I have recently received information about your plight at Portsmotha and as such am going to divert my armies to assist in the defence.

Inquisitor Maleth
Ordo Malleus

+++ Transmission Terminated +++

Inquisitor Maleth has Commandeered (or so he believes) a strike force built from Space Wolves and Grey Knights. He has sent them straight to the defence of Portsmotha as he believes the Tyranid assault will cause havoc with the planet and has pulled as many men from the front lines as he could do so without weakening the defences.

Below is Inquisitor Maleth who is over all commander of the defence and Jimmy the Gauntslayer flanking a squad of Veteran Long Fangs and their Razorback transport.

The main bulk of the Space Wolf Strike Force, consisting of a Grey Hunter squad and two Wolf Guard squads in Tactical Dreadnought Armour. These will be spearheading the counter assault while the Grey Knights get into position.

The Grey Knight element of the strike force, consisting of two Dreadnoughts, 6 Grey Knights, Grand Master Varco and his Teminator Retinue and a Land Raider Redeemer to deliver them to the heart of the Tyranid forces.

Lastly is a Marauder Bomber which the Imperial Navy has spared from the battle in space against the Tyranid Fleet, this will provide air support for the Strike Force while the PDF provides long range fire support to the counter attack.

Hopefully, the combination of the Strike Forces assault capabilities, the PDF's ranged firepower, and the air support provided by the Marauder Bomber will be able to overwhelm the Tyranids attacking force. What horrors await the Imperium if they fail to hold the Xeno at Portsmotha, we can only guess at, and will fight to the bitter end to prevent them travelling further than the outer reaches of the spaceport.

+++ Incoming Transmission +++

13 hours until Tyranid force reaches defence lines... I pray to the Immortal Emperor we can hold them off here, we of the Ordo Malleus have seen untold horrors, but I believe this may be my last command, as nothing the warp can spawn can compare to the unwavering focus of the Tyranid Hive Mind.

We will reach the spaceport within 12 hours, I hope that leaves enough time to prepare the final defences and co-ordinate our counter-assault.

The Emperor Protects

Inquisitor Maleth
Ordo Malleus

+++ Transmission Terminated +++

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  1. The plane looked really good, the WWII bomber look fitted nicely into the gothic look of the 40K universe