Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Manutian Defence Force

INCOMING VOX TRANSMISSION: The Portsmotia region of Manutia is under Tyranid Assault... Massive initial Assault wave has been sighted... Defenders mobilised... Reinforcement beacon deployed..

Portsmotia is a strategic point on the planet of Manutia, home to numerous Industrial sectors and the largest Spaceport on the planet, so recieves heavy allied traffic. However due to this, planetary forces around this area are equipped with large numbers of vehicles.

[PICT-FEED: Mechanised Defence Force of Portsmotia]

Commander Grant, with Imperial Fleet Master Addams and the Alpha Bravo Veteran Squads, deployed in their Chimera Transports for safety and mobilisation.

Fast Assault Hellhound Squadron. Equipped with lethal long-range heavy Flamers.

The Wedge Attack formation of the Hammer of Portsmotia Tank Formation, all equipped with Battle Cannons.

Heavy hitting attack tanks and Artillery. Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Demolisher and a Colossus Siege Cannon at the rear.

Fast moving Vendetta Gunships able to quickly re-deploy and take on priority Tyranid Monstrosities.

[INCOMING VOX TRANSMISSION #HIGH COMMAND] ETA For Battle: 16 Hours... Defenders of Manutia, stand firm.... Send the foul Xeno back to the spawning pit from where they came...


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  1. The Vendetta gunships were a really pain in my hive mind ass. I couldn't kill them, their ability to move flat out really benefits the guard army as they can contest objectives late on in the game. Great models though, GW did a really good job with them.