Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Brotherhood of the Forge: An Update

Evening all,

I've not posted anything on the Brotherhood for a while, mostly due to very little (no pun intended) happening with them. I've had lots of ideas, themes, paint schemes and conversions planned - just no money to make a start with anything.

So after months of thumbing through the Witch Hunters Codex and settling on what I'd like to include in the army, I bought a cheap plastic Warhammer Dwarf Thane off eBay to paint up as my Cannonness count-as.

In game terms, he's a Cannonness with Blessed Weapon, Rosarius and maybe some other upgrades I've not thought of yet... He's had no conversion work, just been slapped onto a round base.

I went for a Blue Colour scheme on his cloth and Black for his cloak. Originally I had done him with red Cloth, but combined with the White Beard he looked a bit too much like Santa goes to War.

So yeah, hopefully this chap is the test-bed for the rest of the army in Blue and Black with White detailing. The other difference to my other armies is that I drybrushed all the metal with Tin Bitz and then Boltgun Metal, as opposed to the latter on it's own. I'm not keen on Bronze or Golds on models, but I felt this makes the metalwork look different enough from my other armies.

For my birthday, my Father-in-Law kindly braved Games Workshop and got me a box of Dwarf Thunderers to assemble.

This box of 16 models should hopefully be converted into a 10 strong unit of Sisters of Battle, armed with Flamer and a Melta. The remaining 6 Thunderers however, are something I'm stuck on what to do with them.

One idea is to turn them into 5 Celestians (Longbeards) and a second Cannonness, either to back up my original, or to replace him full stop.

The other option is to turn the 6 of them into an Inquisitor and his Retinue, to enable me to buy and take some Dragon Slayers as Death Cult Assassins.

Do you guys have any suggestions what to do with the 6 of them?

The Inquisitor is a bit awkward to justify with my Dwarf theme, unless he's some kind of Legendary Thane with a Retinue? What are his Psychic Powers and what justification is there for them? etc.

I think the Celestians would be a good way to go, maybe convert the remaining model into something else or keep him as a spare.

And last but not least, the ongoing side project I volunteered myself for, which involves painting a complete Ork army in my usual speed machine style. So far I've got about 80 - 100 Orks:

Hopefully painting up them will stop me spending money for a while!

Next on the shopping list is a Rhino and as many more Dwarfs as I can get together...


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  1. Lookin forward to seein this unique army on the table --- look awesome. Why did GW ever kill off the squats ????