Wednesday, 26 May 2010

[Paintlog] Imperial Guard Objective Markers and Khador Warcaster

Hey all,

This week I've been pretty busy with stuff, and whilst trying to find the time to get around to writing a full on article, I've been painting up some bits lying around the paint desk.

First up are some objective markers I made for my Imperial Guard army. I didn't like the Dozer blades being on my Guard tanks, so I began removing them and thought, rather than let them go to waste, I could make these Comms-Radar Dish objective markers.

They're extremely simple and nothing more than a Dozer Blade stuck on a base, but they do the job!

This is my first Warmachine model, which was bought a fair few months back, intending to be the leader of a Khador Wargroup. Unfortunately, due to messing around with the model, I snapped one end of her hammer off.

I avoided the Bronze / Gold look that the Khador stuff normally has, trying to stick to cold silver, dark red and light blue for the winter feel.

I'm quite impressed and I think in all, she took me about an hour or so to paint, wash with Badab Black and then paint the flesh and details.

This is what's currently dumped on the paintdesk. Old Guard Metal Command Squads, Psykers and some extra Ratlings to boost my squad up to 8. They're taking a long, long time to get through.

They've had the Combat Fatigues painted and highlighted in Grey, Metal work has been done and their armour, boots and anything Black has been reset.

Now all that's left to do is the Flesh and minor details and the first batch of the remaining Guarsdsmen is done. The rest of the entire army, I'm hoping can be painted up by the end of August ready for a big Apocalypse game or something.

So yeah guys, any thoughts before I get onto working on my next big article?



  1. A tip I figured out for painting flesh and getting a tonal look without using washes, paint any flesh with Snakebite Leather (or another light brown colour) then go over with your desired flesh colour (I used Dwarf Flesh), if you give it one coat of Dwarf Flesh the Snakebite Leather shows through slightly (especially in groves and under pokey bits like noses) giving it a varying level of tones, plus darkening the skin slighltly so it isn't quite so pinkish.

    Just an idea if you ever want to try it. It gave me the tone I was looking for, but you might prefer different tones.

  2. I'm stuck in my ways a bit with painting flesh. All my guard stuff is done with same flesh, as is LOTR stuff - pre Citadel Wash times.

    At least on Khador flesh I can claim she's a bit pink looking because of how cold it is!