Saturday, 29 May 2010

Road To Stockport - The Night Before!

After 4 Weeks of painting and playing with my Space Wolves they are finally finished and I thought I would introduce you to Logan's Great(ish) Company and the characters from my battle report story.

First up we have Logan Grimnar (my model of him anyway) in the middle, acompanied by his retinue, containing a Storm Shield and lots of Power Weapons.

Here is my second squad of Wolf Guard "led" by Sergeant Vulkan (not that Space Wolves actually have Sergeants) in the middle, and his Squad containing a Storm Shield, an Assault Cannon, and a Power fist.

Here is Squad Leonis, with his Power Fist, Leading a Grey Hunter Squad containing a Melta, a Flamer and a Wulfen cursed brother.

Here is Squad Lykan (or Lycan, I can't remember how I spelt it) Leading my second squad of Grey Hunters with a Plasma Gun, a Flamer, and a cursed brother.

Here are the Long Fangs under the Command of Sergeant Sven (the only Sergeant I actually have) they are all weilding Missile Launchers and are acompanied by a Wolf Guard with Cyclone Missile Launcher. Their Razorback is more of a support unit for the other units than a transport for Sven's Squad

Lastly we have Squad Lycus (or Lykus), he is a cursed Brother who has controlled the Wulfen and can release it at the right time to be devestating after sneaking behind the enemy lines, he is accompanied by two Power Weapon's and a Melta.

And there you have it, my 1500pt Stockport army, finally painted (finished about 10 minutes ago).



  1. Nice work dude. They'll look even better once painted. Can't believe you managed it - almost as mental as me painting up my Chaos army the week before Britcon, but at least I was off on Summer holidays at that time!

    Look forward to seeing it on the table tomorrow.

  2. They look really good, looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!!