Saturday, 29 May 2010

Conflict North - Stockport

Hi all, Angryman here. Taking the lead from Col. Strakens great article I'd like to share my Tyranid army with you all. Hive Fleet Tattybojangles (forgive the picture quality).

First off this is my interpretation of the Alpha warrior. This guy is armed with twin boneswords and devourer. He is also upgraded with Adrenal glands (furious charge) and regeneration (heals wounds). This is a synapse creature

These guys will form a unit with the Alpha Warrior, they are all armed with lash whips, boneswords and devourers and are upgraded with Adrenal glands (furious charge). They are synapse creatures and a scoring unit.

These 2 are my attempt at Tervigons. They will be holding my army together, forming a solid core. They are armed with cluster spines and have been upgraded with Adrenal glands (furious charge), Toxin sacs (poisoned attacks) and have been given the psychic power catalyst. They are synapse creatures and scoring units.

These 2 squads of Termagants will support my Tervigons. They are armed with a fleshborer and are scoring units.

This is my version of the Doom of Malan'tai and a Mysetic Spore. This guy will be kept in reserve and be used to cause damage to enemy infantry with his special ability.

Next up are my Zonathropes. These guys are must for destroying enemy armour and elite infantry. They are also synapse creatures.

This guy should need no introduction, This Carnifex is armed with 2 sets of twin-linked devourers (affectionately known as the dakka fex). This guy can out shoot most units with an impressive amount of high S shots and is no slouch in combat either.

This is my Trygon Prime. This thing is a combat monster and will be spearheading my assaults supported by the dakka fex. I've upgrading it with Adrenal glands (furious charge). As it has the 'Prime' upgrade it has a powerful high S shooting attack and is also a synapse creature.

Last but not least are my 3 objective markers, Ive used 3 infestation nodes glued onto bases.

There you have it. Hive fleet Tattybojangles (1500 points) packed away and ready for Conflict North

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