Sunday, 30 May 2010

Post-Conflict North 2010

Evening all,

We've not long since got back from Conflict North and I was impressed to say the least. It was an excellent venue, well organised and very enjoyable. Considering I've been up since 6am on a Sunday morning... you'll have to bear with my memory being a bit patchy!

First off, the list I took was as follows:
- Warboss in Mega Armour, Cybork Body, Bosspole, Attack Squig
- Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw, Cybork Body, Eavy Armour
- 5 Meganobz, 2 with Kombi Skorcha, 2 with Kombi Rokkits in a...
- Battlewagon, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Kannon, Big Shoota, Boarding Plank
- 3 x 12 Trukk Boyz with Slugga and Choppa, Rokkit, Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole, Trukks with Red Paint, Armour Plates, Big Shoota and Boarding Planks
- 19 Shoota Boyz, 1 Big shoota, Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole
- In a Battlewagon, Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, Kannon, Big Shoota
- 18 Grots, Runtherd with Grot Prod

The idea behind the army was simply to avoid moving tons of models and max out on scoring units.

Game 1

First game was against another Ork army that was along the lines of
- Warboss on foot with Heavy Armour with 7 Nobz
- Big Mek with Forcefield on foot with Ard Boyz
- 20 Shoota Boyz
- 10 Gretchin
- 2 Deff Dredz
- 3 Warbikers
- Lootas

First game of the tournament.... Orks v Orks! The first mission was Capture and Control with Dawn of War Deployment.

I started by keeping everything of mine off the table to avoid fire from the Lootas and Dreds, but also to try and hit his forward deployed armies extremely hard with my units walking on. This initially worked with his Ard Boyz getting decimated by the shooting coming on the board, the Big Mek ran off alone but managed to regroup in a later turn.

However, his Nobz and Warboss hopped out of a trukk and battered my units leaving me with a tough decision to draw firepower towards them to finish them off. Which then caused me to be too far back in my own half, had my Gretchin destroyed from my objective by Warbikers and had Meganobz and a Warboss end up doing not much and getting Power Klaws by the Warbiker Nob.

All in all, the game ended on turn 5. Another turn and I could have clinched a draw if I had survived the shooting from a Dred and shoota Boyz, but who knows.

0 Wins - 1 Loss.

I really enjoyed the game and had a laugh with my opponent. It's also one of the best painted Ork armies I've seen around. Really, really good stuff!

Game 2

So after losing my first game, I moved down to the lower tables where I was much more comfortable after seeing some of the armies that were around.

My opponent was a good guy, and I was surprised to see him playing Black Templars. But I did really enjoy the game against a less used codex, especially with the amount of Marine players playing and that were around the place.

The army was roughly:
- Emperors Champion
- 3 Units of 5 Templars
- 4 Land Raider Crusaders

We played Sieze Ground with 5 Objectives and did the Spearhead deployment type. I bunched everything together as usual to benefit from the KFF and held the Grots in reserve to take my home objective.

All I can say is GO DEFF ROLLAS! Dealing with 4 Land Raiders in a 1,500pt list is crazy, but it was fun. Without the Deff Rollas there was no way I could have dealt with them. 3 were destroyed by the Rollas and the final one with 1 weapon remaining and Immobilised.

At the end of the game I held 3 objectives, 1 was contested and the other held by my opponent.

1 Win - 1 Loss
Game 3

By this time, everyone playing had begun to get a bit tired and careless. My final opponent was another Ork army:
- Warboss and 3 Meganobz in a Battlewagon
- Big Mek in a Trukk with Slugga Boyz
- Ard Boyz in a Trukk
- Deff Dred
- 3 Killa Kans
- 8 Lootas

This game was Kill Points with a standard Pitched Battle deployment. Meaning the scenario I play 90% of the time.

It started very well, I managed to destroy Deff Dred, 3 Killa Kans and 2 Trukks within the first 2 turns, meaning 4 kill points off the bat.

Unfortunately, due to some bad rolling, misjudged distance for the Battlewagon and generally enjoying the game to get it done with.. I ended up getting battered 11 Kill Points to 5.

Have to say, was an excellent game and 2 evenly matched Ork armies meant it was a case of who was able to hit the other hardest.

Win 1 - Loss 2

So all in all, I finished 14th out of 26 competitors. Not bad considering my list was wrote the day before the competition, had only 1 game of 40k within the last 5 weeks and was extremely nackered!

If there's anyone reading this, I would highly recommend visiting Marauder Games in Stockport. Their facilities are a bit bare bones at the minute, but their gaming area is top notch, prices are excellent (we got 15% off just for playing in the tourney) and the staff are excellent.

Onwards to Britcon 2010!

Peace out,


  1. 美麗的事物是永恆的快樂,它的可愛日有增加,不會消逝而去 ..................................................

  2. it was a really good day and we're looking forward to next years conflict north. It was a shame we didnt finish higher bgut we have high expectations for the next competition - bring on BRITCON 2010