Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Road To Stockport Week 4!

Once again, its that time of the week, its the Road to Stockport, if you are wondering what happened to week 3, you didn't miss it, we were busy last week painting, so there was no game! This week, however, once again (due to people being off and other gaming systems) Logans Great(ish) Company faced off against the Tyranids of Hivefleet Tattybojangles. Enjoy! (PS. I appologise that the pictures are out of sequence, we didnt think to take any until turn 4, it got really interesting at that point!)

The Drop pod Rattled around Logan as it screeched towards the Drop Zone, they would be going in hot today. The pod smashed into the ground just in bolter range just as planned, Squad Vulkan was already setting up firing arcs aiming at the centre of the large horde of Tyranids heading towards them. Logan could see in the distance Sven’s Long fangs were already set up with clear fields of fire in all directions and closely supported by Lykan’s Grey hunter squad. A grin crept across his lips bearing his large fangs as he saw the contrails of 6 missiles spear into the Warrior squad blowing one of the creatures apart and ripping chunks out of the largest. The assault cannon of Squad Vulkan was the next to open up, the high calibre bolts tearing chunks out of the remaining warriors. Then the hive mind kicked in and the horde began to move towards the Wolves positions, Logan could see one of the larger creatures churning out more and more gaunts and expected a bloody fight. Their guns opened up and through sheer weight of fire managed to wound one of the mighty terminator clad marines, but it was of little consequence, the Space Wolves were about to get to grips with the enemy, where they worked best.
Logan saw the drop pod for Squad Leonis crash down further forward disgorging his Grey hunters on the far flank ready to burn the foul xeno off the planet. The missiles of the Long fangs opened up again shredding the last of the Warriors, only leaving the largest looking bloodied and bruised from the barrage. The Terminators lumbered forward under Logan’s command and he heard the Assault cannon whine as it powered up and began hurling more explosive shells at the large creature that was disgorging the gaunts. The Grey hunters also opened up on the Tervigon but despite the barrage of fire it remained standing though a few of the gaunts in the path of Squad Leonis’ flamer were not so lucky. Squad Lycus had appeared behind the horde as he was best at doing and charged into the rear of the enemy, but the Hive mind had been prepared for this and quickly tore the scouts apart leaving the remnants to flee bloodied possibly beyond help. The terminators were not quick enough and the gaunts protecting the larger Tervigon poured into them ripping with claws and teeth, but the stoic heroes stood firm and began to beat back the flooding horde. Logan felt the ground shake and heard a great crash and as he turned he saw one of the dreaded Trygons smashing out of the ground in front of the Long fangs forcing them to fall back as their equipment failed from the electromagnetic discharge the creature released. Then the horrid sickening feeling began again and Logan’s hackles began to rise, he knew what was coming, it was the dreaded doom, no matter how many times they killed it, it kept coming back. He watched as it smashed into the ground and immediately began leeching the life out of Squad Leonis killing 5 of his men before they even knew what was happening, one of Logan’s terminators also fell to the psychic assault. Leonis reaped a horrid toll in combat taking revenge for his squad by killing almost every gaunt that charged in against his remaining men.

Logan saw Squad Lykan jump out of their Rhino in defence of Sven’s retreat and bravely poured plasma and bolter fire into the giant Trygon, but it was little use and merely distracted the beast from its prey. Logan wanted revenge against the dreaded Doom and sent his personal squad to assist Vulkan against the pressing horde while he himself charged towards the floating brain. Even as the Doom absorbed more souls from Squad Leonis, leaving the sergeant alone to face the coming horde Logan smashed his great Axe into the creatures’ cranium splitting its carapaced skull and brain apart, hopefully ending its life of terror for good. Squad Vulkan backed up by the remaining terminator of Logan’s squad managed to beat the swarm of gaunts and finish off the giant warrior before it could cause any harm. Victorious the terminators regrouped and fell back towards the pods to bring their heavy weapons to bare and create a solid wall of ceramite as they were the remaining few after the Trygon ripped Lycus and his squad apart.
This was it, the last stop they needed to make before reaching Stockport, and they just had to hold out here. Logan was no coward though and charged towards the Tervigon that had caused so many problems, he took shot after shot and his armour was beginning to fail blood began trickling down through the cracks but on he continued under the supporting cover of the remaining terminators of Squad Vulkan and the remaining razorback, while his own remaining bodyguard faced down against the Trygon and the left flank of the Tyranid assault on his own.
Logan Smashed into the Tervigon crushing its legs under the might of his blows causing it to crash to the ground before bringing his great axe down to cleave the creatures head apart in a furious flurry of blows. He stepped back and bellowed a howl like no other before, then the horde opened up and the living ammunition found the cracks in his armour worming into his wounds causing Logan to falter at the last moment. Vulkan managed to remain standing once again keeping his master safe, Logan would have to promote this heroic figure a promotion soon, he had deserved it time after time. The Tyranids began rampaging through the Space Wolf vehicles as the remaining men fell back, Logan’s lone bodyguard stood firm but the weight of fire took him down eventually, his duty done in delaying the horde for his master he fell to the ground proud in himself.


  1. That was a helluva last stand, logan is awesome in combat, he ripped my tervigon a new one!!!

  2. haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................