Sunday, 23 May 2010

[Daemons] Second Wave Pictures!

So here we go, the pics we've been waiting for.

Apparently ALL of them are plastic, bar the Fateweaver and Changeling. Which means PLASTIC BLOODCRUSHERS!!!

So what do you guys think? I think I may definitely have to expand beyond the realms of Khorne!



  1. Daemon Prince looks much better in that picture. Seekers look decent, but the Daemonettes on their backs look very ill posed, not much of a riding pose. Fateweaver looks a little weak compared to the normal Lord of Change, looks confused and lost. Very much like the Changeling, Blood Crushers (glad they are plastic might get one for a Khorne lord), and the Horrors!

  2. they are fantastic looking models, looking forward to seeing them on the table

  3. I was hoping for nurgle and slannesh heralds. And I just recenly bought 30 pink horrors :S oh well this is still good news :)

  4. Heralds would be a good idea to see. Maybe since 3 out of the 4 troop choices are plastic now, they could do a metal Conversion sprue for Herald Pieces.

    Like an extra head, weapon and some bitz to go with them.

    Maybe that'll be the 3rd wave with Chariots, Plastic Plaguebearers and any remaining things?

    Although it took them long enough to get a second wave...

  5. I think that the bloodcrushers are defo plastic. If they were metal they wouldn't be able to rear up on two legs. They look fantastic, may have to start to collect daemons.