Friday, 14 June 2013

What I Like Today - Rune Priest, Grey Hunters and Drop

Afternoon all.

Since I've been struggling to find the time for length blog posts and haven't really gotten much painted, converted or built since progress is slow, I'd thought about doing some micro-posts each day.

One of the topics has stemmed from my random thoughts whilst commuting to work, usually listening to various 40K podcasts.

So... I'll christen the segment "What I Like Today..." or "W.I.L.T" for short.

The rule here is that it doesn't have to be amazing, points efficient, competitive or whatever else. It's just an idea I've had and would like to try out at some point in the future.

Oh, and I also am limiting myself to the length of time it takes a shuffled song to play through! So I've got (unless Master of Puppets comes on) about 3 minutes to write it.

Without further ado, I give you the very first "What I Like Today" segment.

Rune Priest, Grey Hunters and a Drop Pod.

Having seen the Riptide in action on another table, combined with reading a bit of the Tyranid codex over the last few weeks, I've been thinking about what can be done to deal with big units like the Riptide and Tervigon. These guys can tank a lot of hits and be a right pain for you to play against.

My idea? Jaws of the World Wolf.

In order to get them into my army as allies, I'll pack a Rune Priest into a Drop Pod with a squad of Grey Hunters with Meltas.

Plan is, I drop them in first turn, detach the Rune Priest on one side and the Grey Hunters on the other.

The Drop Pod can be really bold in where it lands since it'll always do it's movement reduction, so as long as I'm not daft near board edges, it's cool.

The Grey Hunters can then hopefully Melta a nearby vehicle or monster if possible, whilst the Rune Priest tries his jaws on the big stuff with low initiative.

It relies on passing the psychic test and there's still a 1/6 chance in stopping the power completely, and then the Initiative test, but either way it's a crippling blow if it all comes off.

If there's not a Riptide, Necron Wraith horde, Tervigon pile on the opposite side of the table, the unit is still pretty handy at crippling vehicles and whatnot. The Rune priest can always stay in the back field and use his Divination powers instead.

And now the song is coming to an end so that's my time up.

What do you guys think to the idea to deal with big, low Initiative monsters?

See you next week for more W.I.L.T segments!

(Song: Golden Years - David Bowie)


  1. Jaws can be an army killer, or it could be a complete miss, depends on rolls (like everything). But I have to say, the Rune Priest is a brilliant force multiplier, and grey hunters are an amazing unit themselves.

    I want to try out scout bikers with the Astartes Grenade Launchers and Snare Mines, I'm curious about how they work and if they would be useful against a number of units (Hordes/MCs/Light Armour).

  2. I've not done the maths on how succesful Jaws is likely to be, but just the threat of having that Drop Pod coming down with him in it, can make some people adapt their deployment and strategy to that. Just that fear it causes (same with the Doom of Malan'tai for example) is worth the 300ish points paid.