Monday, 17 June 2013

The Great Maw's Invitational - Blood Bowl League

Good morning folks and welcome to the first edition of this special broadcast from Skycutter Sports News, brought to you by Athel Loren - because you're worth it. The Old World watched on last year as the Middenheim Mawlers demolished every team that stood before them (along with a few stadium walls too...) on their way to multiple cups and trophies.

Critics along the way claimed they relied too heavily on maiming the opposition, rather than actually attempting a touch down, but it made no difference to the Mawlers. By the end of the season, their dominance was so total, that comparisons were starting to be made with the almighty Chaos All-Stars.

Middenheim Mawlers in their prized Blue and White home armour.

The Middenheim Mawlers have since been inducted into the hall of fame in the Orclays Empire League after (literally) crushing the rest of their opponents into submission and achieveing a perfect season. In their post-cup final revelling, the mighty Mawlers declared that no team in their current division are capable of dealing with them and have saught out fresh challenges further afield.
Using the massive prize money from winning every honour available to them and keeping the majority of their team injury free, the Mawlers have put together the Great Maw's Invitational - where hand picked teams from around the region will compete to see who are worthy enough to grace the field against the Mawlers.

 So far, the Mawlers have singled out 8 teams from around the Empire:

The challengers make themselves known.

  • Drakwald Destroyers, an Orc team from the outskirts of Bretonnia.
  • Tlaxtlan Titans, a highly praised Lizardmen team from the Lustria leagues.
  • Cabal of Broken Dreams, a mysterious Dark Elf team with ties to a mysterious Warpstorm.
  • Altdorf Angels, a team of former Crickethammer players turning to Blood Bowl for the fame.
  • Hulton Marauders, a team of hardy Dwarfs from the Khazad Undermountain Leagues.
  • Zharr Earthquakes, the Champions of the Centaur Cup.
  • Fallassion Rangers, an agile team of Elven nobles who dominated the Ulthuan Inter-Elf Cup.
  • Mystery Team, an unknown team who have yet to reveal themselves but have answered the call through their herald.

The Mawlers await, atop a mountain of gold and skulls, for the team who conquers the invitational leaague. The Drakwald Destroyer's star Blocker Nobrot Uzthug has stated "We izn't afraid of dem big ladz. Da Destroyers can 'andle anyfink they throw dis way!". Presumably Nobrot hasn't seen the Mawlers alarmingly high casualty infliction rate - or he has and has taken a few too many blows to the head along the way...

"Thick skulls? Who you callin' Thick skulls?"

Whatever fate befalls the challengers to the Mawlers, it's sure to be an interesting run up in the invitational league whatever happens! There's some strong teams out there looking to take the Mawlers down a peg or two, along with taking a sack or two of their gold as well.

That's all for now folks. Signing off on this special introduction Great Maw's Invitational report - Rodnut Burgundee.

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  1. Baldrick Grotana ere runnin round tryin to get some infowz on the Dark Elf team..... itz az if dey appeared out of fin air. No one seemz to know nothin boutz em. One cloaked team member was mobbed by reporterz n iz rumourzed to av said "I've got a few things up my sleeve!" I can't fined any sourcez az az many fingerz n toez az I av, erm ....., well lodz of reporterz turned up dead dis mornin.