Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi All,

Angryman here - its been too long since I last posted!!!!

I just wanted to update everyone with what we are doing at the club.  First of all we are now GCN (Gaming Club Network) registered.

This means that MAWS can easily forge links with other clubs, be advertised to a wider audience, see what other clubs are doing and have a network of like minded people we can reach out to.

As the number of 40K players have increased over the past year, we are running our first in-house only competition,

MAWSCON - Sunday 18th August 2013

it gives people of varying skill levels, experience and knowledge of the game a chance to play each other and hopefully take something away from the day.

I hope after this post (I know I said this last time) that I will be able to post on a regular basis.

Thank you to Badger for keeping the blog alive

Everyone else (you know who you are) - post something!!!!

All comments welcome

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