Monday, 25 February 2013

February Painting Pledge - Tactical Marines and Captain Complete

Morning chums and chumettes!

I had a realisation on Thursday night that February is swiftly drawing to a close and that I'd not painted for about 2 weeks... This left me with 5 Terminators, 10 Tactical Marines, a Captain and Librarian still on the painting pledge list. Not good!

After this I thought I'd go on a bit of a painting bender over the weekend in the hope to clear as much as I can. I managed to get the 10 tactical marines and Captain completed and was hoping to carry on to get the Librarian done last night but I was too tired to carry on once I'd finished the bases on the completed stuff.

So here's some pics... Sorry for the bad lighting, I took them this morning before coming to work:

Bolter man. Only thing I'm not happy with is being sloppy with the wash on his leg armour - think he's the worst of the bunch though.. so meh.
Mr. Veteran Sergeant man with his plasma pistol and motor sword.
Plasma brothers. I could do with buying a looooooooot more of these. At the minute, my other tactical squads are Flamer / Missile (from Black Reach) and it would also be much cheaper way of an all plasma cannon Devastator squad.

Hold still lads... Group shot! (took without the flash, so it's a bit yellowy). But they look really cool all ranked up together.
Dark Vengeance Captain Whateverhisnameis. Wasn't sure what colours they used for his robes and things, so I just went off on my own. Red and gold EVERYWHERE.
So that's my lot from the weekend. As I said earlier, I've still got 5 Deathwing and a Librarian to paint up with 3 days left to go of February. I can't imagine I'll get the Deathwing finished, but if I can finish off the Librarian and at least start on the Deathwing armour layers (takes ages) then I'll be happier over running slightly into March.
  • Paint 10 Dark Angels Tactical Marines
  • Paint 5 Deathwing Terminators
  • Paint 3 Ravenwing Bikers
  • Paint Dark Angel Chaplain
  • Paint Dark Angel Captain
  • Paint Dark Angel Librarian
  • Paint Cypher
  • Buy the Dark Angels Codex
Bye for now folks!

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