Friday, 1 March 2013

February Painting Pledge - Librarian Complete

Morning folks.

I've had a lothargic middle of the month when it comes to painting. The hope was (a few weeks ago) to get a unit done each week and the more awkward ones over a week and a bit. However, that fell on it's face after playing in an Inter-Club tournament and needing a bit of time away from hobbying to chill afterwards.

However, last night I thought I would make one last push for my February painting pledge and got my Dark Vengeance Librarian painted up.

He's an ace model. It's just a shame that he's so intricately put together it's hard to convert him too well (although I'm sure plenty of people have).

As for painting, the only things I'm not too happy with is a bit of a sloppy wash on the back of his robe where a patch of Nuln Oil collected on a flat area. And also the chest piece robe thing, the Gold doesn't really stand out too well from the Red of the back.

Either way, he's done now and ready to start flinging mind bullets around all over the place, alongside his terminator armoured Librarian brother from phase 1 of the Deathwing in 2011.

Overall, I think I've done pretty well to get close to finishing the pledge as it was all infantry and a few fiddly characters with lots of details. On top of that, I spent days umming and aahing over what Green to use on the power armour.
  • Paint 10 Dark Angels Tactical Marines
  • Paint 5 Deathwing Terminators
  • Paint 3 Ravenwing Bikers
  • Paint Dark Angel Chaplain
  • Paint Dark Angel Captain
  • Paint Dark Angel Librarian
  • Paint Cypher
  • Buy the Dark Angels Codex
So as it's the 1st of March, the list above is incomplete, which means those 5 Deathwing are going to roll onto March's list - alongside whatever was going to be on there in the first place. So March just got a bit more crammed.

I've still not decided exactly what's going to be in March's list. The options are....

  • 6 War Walkers
  • 3 Wave Serpents
  • 1 Falcon
Chaos Marines:
  • Chaos Lord
  • 20 Cultists
  • Hellbrute
  • 6 Chosen
The Chaos Marines are probably the easier option in terms of painting (and more enjoyable), but I've still absolutely no clue what colour scheme to use for them. Possibly Black Legion as I have a converted Abaddon in a box somewhere.

That's all for now! I'll post up on Monday with March's pledge.


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