Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blood Bowl - Bal Timorea Ravens v San Fancis Orcz

Morning folks,

As part of our attempt to keep up with Blood Bowl, we're trying to set aside the first of each month to play a game of it, with the hope to get a league or cup going soon.

Anyways! Last night myself and Mr. One had a game with my Orc team vs his Human team and re-named the teams to match the Superbowl teams. (I found the Bal Timorea name from this link on Santa Cruz Warhammer)

Bal Timorea Ravens
  • "Hotpoint" the Ogre.
  • 6 Linemen
  • 2 Blitzers
  • 2 Catchers
  • 2 Throwers
  • 2 Re-Rolls
San Fancis Orcz
  • "Chicharito" the Goblin
  • "Hargreevez" the Troll
  • 2 Black Orcs
  • 2 Blitzers
  • 5 Linemen
  • 2 Throwers
  • 2 Re-Rolls
Orcz make a push on the nearside of the pitch with the Thrower on the far right holding the ball.

The two teams lined up fairly evenly, big guys v big guys, blitzers v blitzers etc. with the Ravens kicking to the Orcz, which landed off field and touched back to an Orc thrower.

The Ravens used their game plan of "push everyone back and not follow in" to prevent the Orcz from getting many blocks off, combined with the fact the Troll got KO'ed pretty quickly and never came back, meant that Orcz blocking was very poor.

Eventually the Orcz broke through the left hand wide area and scored a touchdown in around Turn 4 of the first half.

During the rest of the first half, the Ravens fought back crushing a lot of Orcz in the process and eventually running the ball for a touchdown in their Turn 8.

Half time: Ravens 1 - Orcz 1

The second  half began and no sign of Hargreevez the Troll (again) from the subs bench meant that my infamous Goblin super sub was brought on for an appearance.

The Orcz held onto the ball at the start hoping to pick out a Paul Scholes-esque long pass to the Goblin substitute, only for him to break through a load of dodges and then get crumpled by an assisted block and sent into the KO'd section of the bench.

Humans then began crumping all the Orc players, at one point there was only about 3 of the 11 standing up, which made it hard for the Orcz to get a reciever somewhere.

Towards the end of the second half a hole formed on the far side of the pitch where an Orcz Blitzer and Lineman broke through looking for a pass. After a few dropped balls and bounces, an Orc thrower dodged his way onto the ball and held it.

Turn 8. Bottom of the 9th. Deep into Fergie time.

Orc Blitzer and Lineman go long into the End Zone and hope for a good throw. The Orc thrower dodges out of a tackle zone, stumbles (re-roll gets used) and manages to weasel his way into a throwing position.
Turn 8 Touchdown. As you can see, there's not much actually left on the pitch by this point...

The thrower winds up as time slows down, the stadium held it's collective breath as the pass is succesful and looking good. Moment of truth, the Lineman needing a 3+ manages to catch the ball in the End Zone. Fireworks go off, floodlights explode, the Orcz have done it and scored a Turn 8 touchdown without their 2 star players.

The team in red does it again!

Full Time: Ravens 1 - Orcz 2

This was a really enjoyable game and went down to a few key failed rolls (falling over, dropping the ball, etc.) and the Ravens showed their brutal side by caving some Orcz heads in over the course of the game.

Looking forward to the rematch with this when hopefully my best players don't die so early on, that way I can learn the special rules for them a bit more!


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